Celebrating Summer’s Leo Season!

Celebrate the Leo season by connecting with your inner-child, pursuing joyful passions and through  warm-hearted expressions of love. 


Leo energy is playful and fun-loving!  These vibes help you to express your creative side as well as emotions and desires in big, dramatic, passionate, romantic ways.  With the Sun as this sign’s ruler, Leo energy is about being SEEN, admired and loved in your most authentic light – bask in it!  This energy also represents your own inner child and the instinctive desire for love and acceptance. ‘Shadow’ expressions of Leo can be selfishness, over-reacting, lavish indulgences or forcefulness.  It’s important during this time to be open to compromise.

Personal Planet Transits through Leo in 2019


July 22nd – Aug 23rd


June 26th – July 7th

July 7th – July 19th (Rx)

Aug 11th – Aug 29th


July 27th – Aug 21st


 July 1st – Aug 17th


New Moon in LeoWednesday, July 31st

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