Tuning into the Virgo Season and Late Summer

Celebrate the Virgo season by reflecting on your successes and personal breakthroughs over the year so far, knowing that you always have the ability to evolve and sharing your gifts with others through acts of service.

6) Virgo EnergyVIRGO VIBES

Virgo vibes represent all forms of metamorphosis in the physical realm which support the fulfillment of one’s destined calling.  The Sun moves through Virgo during the time of year associated with harvest, and this energy in turn represents the peak of nature’s life cycles; the transformation of a tiny seed into an entire stalk of grain.  Virgo vibes represent order, responsibility, repair, efficiency and returning all things to their rightful place.

The actions expressed through Virgo energy include all forms of healing as well as acts of service to others.  This energy is practical, sense-oriented and highly responsive.  Those with strong Virgo energy in their natal charts often work with their hands or have a profession in the healing arts.

Virgo energy rules your day-to-day routine and how you manage the details of your life to align with overall purpose.  Virgo energy always sees where improvements can be made, and strives a high standard of excellence with a sense of pressure to attain perfection.  Balancing Virgo vibes can mean softening perfectionistic tendencies and/or harsh judgement towards oneself or others.

Personal Planet Transits through Virgo in 2019


Aug 23rd – Sept 23rd


Aug 29th – Sept 14th


Aug 21st – Sept 14th


Aug 17th – Oct 4th

Key Astrological Transits this Virgo Season

New Moon in VirgoFriday, August 30th


img_8223-3Personal planets transiting Virgo & conjunctions with Mars

  • Increased focus on organization, making decisions and planning for the future
  • Motivation to fix what’s not working – this can relate especially to personal health, day-to-day routine, career or around the home
  • Being prompted to reflect on your life’s purpose and how you can offer your greatest gifts to the world

Personal planets in Virgo square Jupiter in Sagittarius

  • Brings the potential to really focus and exercise the necessary discipline to make progress towards some of your biggest dreams
  • Potential to feel overwhelmed from taking on too much responsibility or setting unrealistic goals
  • Caution to be mindful of insensitivity, intolerance or harsh judgement towards others.  Remember to have an open mind.

Oppositions to Neptune in Pisces

  • Potential for strong intuitive guidance and attunement to the unconscious realm, if you are able to surrender to unseen forces and the mysteries of life
  • Potential to feel lost, confused, unfocused with a desire to escape life’s challenge through self-indulgence

Full Moon in PiscesSaturday, September 14th


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