Tuning into High Vibrations during Scorpio Season


Scorpio rules deep emotional vulnerability, your desire to be fulfilled by your relationships, sexuality, intimacy and trust. This energy naturally sees beyond the surface to the deeper layers, sensing hidden motives and desires as well as unrealized potential.

Scorpio vibes connect with people and situations on an intuitive level.  This energy literally FEELS through life, and feels intensely. It rules your most extreme emotions including the echoes of past traumas: the feelings you are afraid to face.

Scorpio energy expresses itself passionately, sometimes even through obsessive-compulsive behavior. These vibes also rule the occult, death, psychology and deep urges which may be driving you on an unconscious level. Scorpio rules truths within dark underbelly of life.  It can drive you into the core of mysterious and taboo realms, or perhaps an exploration of your own psyche, and deep-seeded needs.

8) Scorpio Vibes

Working consciously with the energy of the Scorpio season means turning your attention inward, and being honest with yourself about:

  • your deepest emotional needs
  • the ways in which past hurts are playing out in your present life
  • the expectations you are putting onto loved ones, whether consciously or unconsciously
  • your willingness to trust others and have faith in new endeavors
  • who it may be time to forgive in order to move forward


Scorpio energy rules personal power and your own sense of empowerment, or disempowerment. It can also reveal where you are holding yourself in a victim mentality. As Scorpio has a tendency to hold a grudge, balancing these vibes involves opening yourself up to forgiveness for yourself as well as others. You can use this energy to tune into any areas of life where hurt, cynicism and anger are leading to self-sabotage.

In addition to death, Scorpio also rules rebirth, and is often associated with the image of the mythical phoenix who rises up from the ashes. The journey of Scorpio is to look deep within, confront your ugliest demons and then figure out a way to live with these dark shadows, for to deny their existence or try to eradicate them is to deny an essential aspect of self.

Exploring the realms of Scorpio involves acknowledging the power of your own rage and dark expressions – allowing them to reveal their truth, without completely submitting to them.  The ways in which you pull yourself out of your most tormented inner experiences are expressions of some of the highest vibrations of Scorpio energy: resilience, renewed faith, self-reliance and the discovery of your true inner strength.

Personal Planet Transits through Scorpio in 2019


Oct 23rd – Nov 22nd


Oct 3rd – Dec 9th

Mercury will be retrograde from Oct 31st – Nov 20th


Oct 8th – Nov 1st


Nov 18th – Jan 3rd


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New Moon in Scorpio: Sunday, October 27th

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