Saturn & the Lunar South Node in Capricorn

Saturn’s meetup to the South Node this year represent the evolution of our values and behaviors around success, leadership and integrity


We feel this energetic influence from around mid-February until the end of October 2019, peaking on April 30th, July 4th and September 28th in Capricorn.

Capricorn Vibes

Capricorn energy is expressed through your desire for respect and recognition in the world. This energy rules your ambitions and who you are as a leader, as well as the reward for your accomplishments. It rules your idea of success itself.  In its highest vibrations, Capricorn energy represents bringing your personal gifts and ideals into the world through the role you play in your public life. When it believes in its cause, this energy is inspired and exceptionally hard-working. The challenge of Capricorn is to balance the pursuit of success with the seductive power of its spoils: wealth, power and fame.

Capricorn vibes represent structure, authority figures and the traditions or expectations of society. This archetype lives to play the game and does so with remarkable patience and self-discipline. Practical and strategic, it seizes opportunities instinctively.  This energy acts with intention, however the it is nature of this intention which must be examined. While Capricorn energy rules the experience of being respected by others, it also rules self-respect – the experience of bringing your authentic expressions into the public realm without compromising your personal ethics or values.

When Capricorn vibes are strong, it is important to ask – why am I pursuing the goals I am pursuing? Am I approaching these goals from a place of lack? Do I a value the process as much as the result? Am I willing to let myself be seen authentically and do I accept myself as enough? If I don’t like myself now, do I believe that achieving success will change that?


Saturn Vibes & Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn Represents:

  • Core beliefs and values
  • Your habits and sense of self-discipline
  • Bringing concepts or ideas into physical form
  • Perseverance
  • Dedication
  • Authority figures

Expressions of Saturn in Capricorn

  • Examining your personal notions of success
  • Learning to have greater faith in yourself as a leader
  • The emergence of new leaders and new values around respectability
  • Rebelling against authority figures or other structures within society representing outdated values and traditions
  • Striving to express yourself authentically in the world


South Node Vibes & South Node in Capricorn

The South Node Represents

  • Habits or beliefs which have been in place for a long time
  • Compulsive behavior patterns or motivations that hinder self-actualization
  • Karmic reckoning of the past; what we as individuals, and as a society, are ready to heal and evolve beyond

Expressions of the South Node in Capricorn

  • Learning to balance wherever there is an unhealthy focus on power, wealth or fame
  • Examining behavior patterns that put you out of integrity with your personal values or cause you to compromise your self-respect
  • Making changes in your life if your current work does not fulfill you on a deep personal level
  • Coming to terms with the nature of your ambitions

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