Full Moon in ARIES – Sunday, October 13th, 2019; 5:08pm EST 

This POWERFUL Full Moon in Aries evokes the warrior spirit and brings a boost of confidence!  This energy supports courageous action and gut-decisions. 

It can also reveal where defenses kick-in prematurely, leading to conflict in relationships. Notice where you may be jumping to conclusions.

You can also use these Full Moon vibes to release insecurity, self-doubt and issues around trust.  

Aries Vibes and Key Themes of this Full Moon

This Full Moon occurs at 20° Aries 

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. This energy rules your sense of identity, instinctive (gut) decisions, physical strength, and your connection to your primal desires and needs. Aries energy represents your urge for freedom and independence, your sense of self-reliance and the experience of boldly stepping into the unknown.

The energy of this Full Moon can help you assert your independence. It’s all about trusting yourself, being proud of who you are and acting bravely. These vibes support tapping into your personal strength and acting on gut instincts.

The Full Moon’s trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius brings a boost of enthusiasm and optimism, with support for taking chances, embarking on new adventures, or pursuing a deeper knowledge of life’s truths. In addition, a loose Grand Trine in Water brings the potential for a powerful emotional release.

Aries, the god of war, tends to take a confrontational, and at times aggressive, stance when met with obstacles.  Under the influence of this Aries Full Moon, it’s important to be aware that your reactions can seem like it’s more aggressive to others than they do to you.  It can be easy to get into a conflict now wherein each party is absolutely certain that the other one ‘started it’.

Be mindful of what triggers you, or puts you into defensive mode during this time.  This can come from jumping to conclusions or taking action without communicating and validating the facts.  Balancing strong Aries energy now involves having the willingness to listen, trust and be patient.

The Full Moon’s conjunction to Eris, goddess of strife and discord, charges the confrontational energy of this Full Moon, and introduces a rebellious, mischievous, or even vengeful vibe. Eris rules the experience of being abandoned, overlooked or disregarded, and she is pissed off about it.  This energy calls out injustice and takes action to fights back.  Her influence can liberate you from oppressive, marginalizing structures and redefine that which is ‘illegitimate’, whether in the external, physical world, or the internal world of the mind.

A powerful square to Pluto in Capricorn brings the potential for a challenge or conflict that requires you to examine the nature of your ambitions. The desire for true authenticity and freedom of expression is at odds now with long-standing traditions, customs and ideas about success, as well as the fear of being considered an outcast to society. Pluto calls you become aware of your dark sides and Pluto in Capricorn represents the exploration of our darkest expressions of power and authority. With this Full Moon, it’s important to be mindful of how you respond to the threat of becoming powerless – and what shadow expressions might be evoked in response.

Additional Themes of the Aries Full Moon

  • Internal exploration and the discovery of personal truths
  • Impulsively expressing your opinions and desires
  • Overcoming self-doubt
  • Making important personal decisions
  • A desire for greater freedom and independence
  • Feeling a fundamental need to have a greater sense ‘purpose’ in your life

Questions to Ask with this Full Moon

  • How do I really feel about myself and what kind of self image do I project out to others as a result?
  • Am I able to feel confident and proud of who I am, without needing to prove it?
  • What would I do if I really had the guts to go for it?
  • Where do I want to create more freedom in my life and what has been holding me back?
  • How are my stress levels and how am I managing them through self-care, healthy boundaries and realistic expectations?  How has my stress been manifesting physically in my body?

Namastrology Radio!

Full Moon in ARIES – Sunday, October 13th, 2019

2019 Aries Full Moon ‘POWER PERIOD’

We feel the heightened energy of a Full Moon about 3 days before and after it occurs; I call this the Full Moon Power Period.

Those who have their natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant or other key placements in the Power Period signs will feel the influence of this Full Moon most intensely.

  • Oct 10 – 11th in Pisces
  • Oct 12 -14th (until midday) in Aries
  • Oct 14 – 16th in Taurus

For more insight into how the Full Moon is influencing you personally, check out my offerings for private online readings

Tuning Into The Healing Energy of Full Moons

Being healed doesn’t mean that the pain never existed.  It means you have evolved to a place where it no longer controls your life.

img_8223-3Working consciously with the energy of the Full Moon means that you can tap into its power to bring awareness to residual emotions from past experiences and/or self-limiting beliefs that may be operating beneath the level of conscious awareness.  By consciously acknowledging these energies, you allow for the opportunity to cleanse and heal pain, grief or other traumas.  During the Full Moon, your sensitivities are heightened – you are literally FEELING more intensely and the potential for healing can be accessed by leaning into and exploring the emotions that arise.  Feeling is the first step towards healing.  You can use the energy of the Full Moon to;

  • Forgive yourself as well as others
  • Release emotional emotional ‘charges’
  • Integrate past experiences, acknowledging the associated lesson or wisdom and taking on a fresh perspective
  • Evolve out of a victim mentality
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the unconscious desires, fears or needs that drive your behavior

Exaggerations or Shadows of Aries Energy:

The Moon influences the emotions which guide our desires and decisions around our sense of security.  

With the heightened energetic influence of the Full Moon, be mindful of these excessive tendencies so that you may work consciously to bring your emotions into balance:

  • Overconfidence or an inflated ego
  • Aggressive confrontation; bullying
  • The urge to quit if challenged
  • Neglecting to communicate one’s feelings or needs
  • Struggling to tackle too much without asking for help

Aries energy is confident, independent and headstrong but can also alienate others through aggressive or competitive behavior when it is exaggerated.  This is a great time to take control of your situation, to make positive changes for yourself, expressing your needs and desires confidently.

On the other hand, remember that you can benefit from inviting others to help when you are in need, or lend creative ideas for solving a challenge you face.  Aries represents the archetype of the warrior, and can sometimes forget that it doesn’t have to rely only on itself for survival.  When this energy is strong (or in excess), it’ to remind yourself that you are not alone!



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