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Mercury Retrograde and YOU – Fall 2019


This Fall’s Mercury retrograde cycle occur in the sign of Scorpio (between 11°39 and  27°37 degrees).  It begins on October 11th with the pre-shadow period, and continues until December 7th when the post-shadow influence winds down.

Learning to flow with personal planet retrogrades is one of the most useful and practical ways to incorporate astrology into your everyday life.  

During this 5-week course, you will receive:

  • A ~45 minute podcast each week (see course outline below for details)
  • A calendar of key dates for the Fall 2019 retrograde cycle.
  • Practical tips and guidance for using Mercury retrograde energies to your best advantage (do’s and don’ts!)
  • General and personalized guidance for how the retrograde cycle will influence YOU.
  • A customized reading for how Mercury is expressed naturally in your birth chart
  • Understanding of the essence of planet Mercury and what it rules.
  • Interactive guidance on navigating through the retrograde season as unfolds.
  • Ability to connect with me for questions at any time.
  • Knowledge of how to balance Masculine and Feminine energies during retrograde.
  • Practical understanding of retrograde ‘shadow periods’ – what they mean and how to work within them.
  • Support with planning and prioritizing important events in your life!
  • A framework for working with future retrograde seasons.
  • Increased ability to ‘tune in’ and sense astrological energies!

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Mercury Retrograde Fall ’19 Online Course Overview!

Course Outline:


  • Course Introduction
  • Mercury retrograde Fall 2019 calendar and key dates throughout the cycle
  • Introduction to major astrological events coinciding with the Fall 2019 retrograde cycle
  • Questions to consider going into retrograde



  • The essence of planet Mercury & what it rules
  • An overview of the mechanics of retrograde
  • The energetic expressions of Mercury in retrograde
  • Actions that are supported vs. not supported during Mercury retrograde
  • Discussion on how you can apply these insights in your own life


  • The influences of this Mercury retrograde cycle in the sign of Scorpio
  • Receive a copy of your birth chart with a customized reading for Mercury retrograde in the specific house(s) where it is influencing YOU this season.
  • Additional tips and guidance for flowing with retrograde vibes


  • Receive a reading for how Mercury is expressed naturally in your personal birth chart with personalized insights



  • Relationships and communication
  • Retrograde peak and shadow periods
  • Discussion on other astrological events coinciding with the Fall 2019 retrograde cycle

* You will have the ability to ask questions at any time during the course.  Questions will either be addressed 1-1 or incorporated into the following week’s podcast (as appropriate).

No prior astrology knowledge is required! 

This course is designed for anyone with an interest in learning more about using astrology simply and practically.  My style of teaching is fun, accessible and personalized, and my goal is to provide practical applications of this knowledge that you can start to use right away.  For those who are interested in more advanced learning, I also offer the opportunity to gain more in-depth insights and incorporate an understanding of additional astrological influences.


Course length is 5-weeks with a rolling start beginning September 29th.  After the start date, you will begin receiving course content upon confirmation of enrollment.  Enrollment is open from until November 10th, 2019.

Investment: $65

Register early!  This intimate online experience is limited to 15 participants.

Questions?  Feel free to email me!

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Mercury Retrograde and YOU: Fall 2019 Online Course

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