The Transits of Black Moon Lilith: Oct 24th-29th, 2019

The Black Moon, otherwise known as Dark Goddess Lilith is involved in two interesting transits, or activations, this week. Late on Thursday, Oct 24th, Lilith squares the Lunar Nodes.

On Tuesday, Oct 29th, she will be conjunct Chiron.

The energetic influence of Lilith square to the Lunar Nodes spans from Oct 21st-27th. The energetic influence of Lilith conjunct Chiron spans from Oct 26th-30th.


Black Moon Lilith Energy

Lilith is also known as the Ghost Moon or the Black Madonna. She is a seductress and a symbol of female power, associated with prostitution and illicit or forbidden sex. The Dark Goddess has been further demonized throughout the ages as a vampire, a baby-killer and an abductees.

Lilith represents an expression of power that we may tend to repress or deny; she represents unfulfilled desire.

Lilith is associated with the energy of the Moon, as well as Pluto, Eris and the sign of Scorpio. She can be viewed as a lower octave of Eris, whose influence is attributed to cultural movements.  On the other hand, Lilith’s realm of influence concerns the more intimate aspects of personal, day-to-day life.  Eris’ orbit around the zodiac takes ~560 years, while Lilith’s orbit is around 9 years.  Lilith spends approximately 9 months in each zodiac sign.

Eris is a symbol of radical transformation and the destruction of outdated, repressive structures. Initially victimized, her energy is scornful, rebellious, mischievous and vengeful. She represents being disregarded or marginalized by society.  Eris must reclaim her power by calling out injustice and fighting against the structures that abandoned her. Tapping into power of this archetype involves redefining that which has been decreed ‘illegitimate’, whether in the external, physical world, or the internal world of the mind.

The energies of both Eris and Lilith call you to face that which has been cast into the shadows, and reconnect with a truth of humanity that is being denied.  Lilith especially rules the dark expressions arising from repressing desire, especially related to rape and sexual perversion. Lilith represents the dark misuses of the most intimate forms of power.  And she can also point to where you may subordinate yourself as a result of viewing yourself as disempowered or unworthy.

Tuning into the high vibrations of Lilith involves letting go of fear and frustration. She calls you to acknowledge the ways in which you have been castrating yourself from your own power. She calls you to examine fears of your own potential, the fear of surrender, of being carried by spirit. To lean into this fear with a sense of faith and trust the great laws of the universe.


Lilith Square the Nodes

Tune into this energy now and ask yourself where you are getting in your own way.  Where are you holding yourself back from your highest forms of expression, your true destined path? Can you let go of fear, overthinking and the need for control in order to open yourself more to trust?

Lilith Conjunct Chiron

This energy can shed light on the negative effects of self-doubt and deeply-rooted defense mechanisms. Chiron rules an ache for healing in the human spirit which, paradoxically, can never be satisfied. This transit calls you to let go of what you think you need to finally feel secure and whole. To accept that this pursuit of ‘wholeness’ is in vain, and to ultimately move past fear in order to feel into this void.  This is the vast dark realm of space where we find Lilith herself.


Locating Black Moon Lilith in Space

As the Moon’s orbit is elliptical, there is a notable difference between its nearest and furthest points in relation to Earth. The Lunar apogee or furthest point of the Moon’s orbit is the dark void where Lilith is found. From our perspective on earth, the Dark Moon advances forward along the zodiac at about 40° per year.  A full revolution takes 8 years and 10 months.