Sagittarius Vibes: Happy-go-Lucky, Free-Spirited & Ready for Adventure!


Sagittarius has an enthusiastic passion for life and is the luckiest, most optimistic sign of the zodiac. This energy is independent, spontaneous and joyful, with a true lust for adventure. It’s the archetype of the free-spirit, who laughs in the face of risk and lives life perpetually ‘on the edge’.

Sagittarius loves to learn and gain wisdom through hands-on experience. These vibes rule travel, languages, history, universities (anything related to ‘higher learning’), public speaking, philosophy and religion. In the Vedic tradition, Sagittarius is known as the wise man or Guru; those with strong Sag vibes in their birth chart often posses wisdom beyond their years.

Sagittarius energy represents a deeply intuitive understanding of the human experience. It perceives our ultimate ‘oneness’ beyond superficial borders and distinctions. These vibes rule ‘the big picture’, our connection to the divine and esoteric truths.




Nov 1st – 25th


Nov 22nd – Dec 21st


Dec 9th – 28th


Jan 3rd – Feb 16th


New Moon in Sagittarius: Tuesday, November 26th




When Sagittarius vibes are strong, it’s time to broaden your horizons. What does the pursuit of a higher Truth mean to you? What is it that you truly want to know, or experience first-hand?

The Sagittarius season eases in slowly this year: Venus enters Sag on Nov 1st and completes its transit of the sign almost entirely before being joined by any other personal planet. Jupiter is in its last few weeks of a 13-month pass through Sag, and will be activated by a conjunction to each of the personal planets in the coming weeks (in either late Sagittarius, or the early degrees of Capricorn).

In November, Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius bring the potential for lucky opportunities, joyful excitement and a positive outlook on life. This energy is more likely to indulge, embrace spontaneity and chase wild impulses. As a result however, it may be more difficult than usual to stay focused on mundane tasks.

In the first half of November, there is strong support for activities associated with Mercury retrograde energy, including self-care, introspective reflection, integrating experiences from the past and minding unfinished business. Use this time for clearing and creating space, as new opportunities and energetic shifts are approaching very soon.

As the month progresses, and especially after Mercury retrograde’s ‘peak’ on Nov 20th, there’s greater alignment with Sagittarius’ free-spirited vibes. Venus and Jupiter’s dazzling meetup on Nov 24th, around the time of the Sagittarius New Moon, brings fresh and exciting potential to more Sagittarian-ruled pursuits; adventure and the quest for personal enlightenment.

The general influence of Mercury’s retrograde this November and into early December expresses more of a receiving rather than initiating vibe.  Flowing with these vibes means being flexible and letting go of expectations.  Mercury retrograde often brings spontaneous, unexpected opportunities and ideally you want to be able to lean into these when they present themselves. This astrological season calls you to make decisions from the heart and from your intuition rather than intellectual analysis. Mercury retrogrades vibes, combined with gradually building Sagittarius energies, are encouraging you to enjoy life’s adventure with a sense of wonder and awe, and each moment to the fullest.

The Sun and Mercury are in Sagittarius for most of December, which also marks this year’s third Eclipse Season.We’ll experience the Solar Eclipse on Dec 26th at 4°Capricorn 07 – it’s also on the cusp to Sagittarius. We can begin to feel the influence of an Eclipse 4-6 weeks in advance, so as early as Nov 11th. Eclipses bring an energetic shift that sets the tone for the next 6 months, often marked by new opportunities or the spark of a new kind of pursuit.



One of the best and most challenging traits of Sagittarius is a passion for truth, otherwise known as brutal honesty. So, balancing strong Sag energy means remembering to be sensitive to the feelings of others. Sagittarius can have such a blunt, matter-of-fact, way of communicating that it comes off as offensive. When there is too much emphasis on the ‘big picture’, this energy submits to sweeping generalizations and tends to overlook individual circumstances. Failing to take important details into consideration, Sag’s passion for truth is at risk of devolving into self-righteous dogma.

Similar to the other two Fire element signs, Sagittarius becomes impatient and argumentative when it runs too hot. Strong Sag vibes can also be reckless and excessive; blinded by its own optimism into taking dangerous risks.

Working consciously with strong Sag vibes means;

  • Being mindful of the increased tendency to jump to conclusions
  • Recognizing your limits enough to know when to say ‘no
  • Challenging yourself to remain open minded to new possibilities and points of view
  • Being sensitive to the feelings of others

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