Jupiter enters Capricorn Dec 2nd, 2019

Jupiter will move through the sign of Capricorn between December 2nd, 2019 and December 20th, 2020. You may have started to feel this energy as early as the end of October 2019, and you may have temporarily experienced its influence between early March and late May 2019.  


Summary of the Themes of Jupiter in Capricorn

  • Getting clear on what motivates you to do your best, as well as greater commitment and dedication to your work
  • Gaining maturity as a leader
  • Examining your values around personal integrity
  • Judging the integrity and respectability of authority figures in your life
  • Evaluating how your day-to-day habits align with your long-term goals for ‘success’
  • Self-mastery

Jupiter Vibes

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, represents good fortune, growth, abundance and lucky opportunities.

Jupiter rules amplification – whatever it is influencing feels charged with energy, ever present and completely alive. You are ready to evolve and mature in these areas of your life, as Jupiter rules your evolution towards higher realms of consciousness. Jupiter transits are also a powerful time to intentionally plant seeds for your future.

While Jupiter vibes are often seen as ‘lucky’ and optimistic, this energy can also mean exaggeration and excess. You may have trouble observing healthy limits in the area of your life being influenced by this transit. When Jupiter vibes are strong, we are far more inclined to say ‘yes’, and struggle with when to say ‘no’. They can also bring an increased focus on justice, or addressing matters of injustice. 

Jupiter in Capricorn

Capricorn energy is expressed through your pursuit of respect and recognition in the world. This energy rules your ambitions and who you are as a leader, as well as the rewards that come with accomplishment. It rules your idea of success itself.

Capricorn vibes represent discernment, precision and integrity in action. This archetype lives to play the game and does so with remarkable patience and self-discipline. It’s also highly strategic, instinctively recognizing and seizing opportunities. Shadow expressions to be mindful of will include shrewdness, emotional detachment, a prohibitive emphasis on rules, and cynicism masked as realism.

In its highest vibrations, Capricorn energy represents bringing your personal gifts and ideals into the world through the role you play in your public life. The influence of Jupiter in Capricorn inspires passion and commitment to your goals. It can also bring valuable opportunities to advance your career, especially in a leadership role. While Jupiter may drive you to chase your ambitions relentlessly, you’ll also be more likely to walk away from situations that feel like a ‘dead end’, or where the path to success seems no longer viable. This can also be an important year for redefining your personal definition of success where needed.

Capricorn vibes revolve around the notion of integrity and, under the influence of Jupiter in Capricorn, you are being called to examine how you maintain a sense of personal integrity in your career, relationships, etc. One of the greatest challenges of Capricorn is to stay grounded and find a way to transcend the corrupting spoils of success: wealth, fame and power. Remember that while Capricorn energy the respect you earn from others, its core trait is a strong sense of self-respect.

Capricorn rules the traditions of society, while Jupiter in Capricorn brings awareness to the ways in which these conventions are influencing your life. These vibes may prompt you to question or make changes to your career path, priorities or the ways you live up to your ideals of success. Remember that wherever there is a conflict between your innermost desires for fulfillment, and the pressures or expectations of society, you will feel it more intensely now.

Jupiter in Capricorn also brings to light any ‘injustices’ or unfair power dynamics that you are experiencing especially with anyone in a position of authority such as a boss, teacher or parent. Remember that tuning into the highest vibrations of Capricorn energy means bringing your authentic expressions into the public realm without compromising your personal ethics or values.


Questions to ask while Jupiter is in Capricorn

  • What are my goals for personal success and what am I doing day-to-day to make them a reality?
  • Do I feel good about the work that I do?  Do I take pride in the way it’s being executed, according to my core values?
  • Do I accept myself as enough? Or if I don’t like myself now, do I believe that achieving ‘success’ will change that?
  • Am I holding back from pursuing a personal dream, for fear of going against my family’s values, or society’s mainstream conventions?
  • Do I respect the leaders or authority figures in my life, and do I feel that they respect me?  Or if not, do I stand up to issues of integrity?


Cautions / Shadow Expressions

  • Unhealthy obsession with work, or burnout
  • Fear of failure that prevents you from taking action
  • Excessive risk-taking with respect to career or the pursuit of power
  • Repressing personal needs or desires in order to live up to a certain reputation
  • Abuse of authority
  • Too much focus on rules and regulations, which holds up meaningful progress


Themes in Society

  • A rise in the success/prominence of entrepreneurs
  • An emphasis on pragmatic, serious leadership
  • A rise in authoritative leadership or excessive risk-taking by those in positions of power
  • Exposure of corruption and abuses of power, with an emphasis bringing justice
  • A return to more conservative trends in popular culture, with an emphasis on common sense, practicality and self-reliance

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