Weekly Lunar Navigation Nov 11th – 17th

The week begins under the influence of the Taurus Full Moon Power Period, which began last Saturday morning and continues until early Friday (the Full Moon officially occurs Tuesday morning). While strong Taurus vibes can help you create greater stability and consistency in your life, watch out for stubbornness and fear of change. These vibes can also bring temporary anxiety about your financial situation, impatience or frustrations related to your material success.

A strong theme for this week is personal nurturing and being gentle with yourself. The ongoing Mercury Retrograde cycle, (which peaks on Nov 20th,) continues to call for balance and extra down time in your schedule, allowing you to replenish your stores – physically, mentally and spiritually.

🌙 This week’s Lunar Astrovibes are broken out day-by-day below!

WLC 11-11 to 11-17

Monday & Tuesday, Moon in Taurus – sensual, passionate, hard-working and loyal. While Taurus energy is typically peaceful. patient and practical the Full Moon in Taurus this week can feel more tense than usual. It’s a good time to recognize and let go of any possessiveness in relationships and allow yourself to be a little more flexible in the face of change. Can you feel secure with fewer physical comforts?

Wednesday and Thursday, Moon in Gemini – energetic, spontaneous, socially stimulated, resourceful, curious, charming, funny and quick-witted; cautions, anxiety, indecisiveness or getting bogged down by too many details.  You may need to remind yourself to trust your intuition and stay rooted in the present moment.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Moon in Cancer – sensitive, intuitive, courageous, nurturing and generous.  Cautions; moodiness or forgetting to love yourself first..

Sunday evening, Moon in Leo – creative, romantic, playful, generous, passionate and fun-loving. Cautions; willfulness, pride or over-indulgence.  Remind yourself to be easygoing.

🌸 Have a great week! 🌸

The Moon’s energy influences our emotions, mood and unconscious responses.  How you experience the Moon’s energy is also influenced by the other elements in your individual birth chart – a personal reading will shed additional light on these influences.

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