Sagittarius New Moon Vibes ~ 11.26.19, 10:06am EST

New Moons are a time for rebirth, new beginnings and new opportunities.  Energetically, this time carries powerful potential for focusing your intentions, allowing you to plant the ‘seeds’ that will bring your dreams into reality.  

The New Moon occurs at 4°Sagittarius 03 on Tuesday, November 26th, 10:06am EST.


9) Sagittarius Vibes

Sagittarius has an enthusiastic passion for life and is the luckiest, most optimistic sign of the zodiac. This energy is independent, spontaneous and joyful, with a true lust for adventure. It’s the archetype of the free-spirit, who laughs in the face of risk and lives life perpetually ‘on the edge’.

Sagittarius loves to learn and gain wisdom through hands-on experience. These vibes rule travel, languages, history, universities (anything related to ‘higher learning’), public speaking, philosophy and religion. In the Vedic tradition, Sagittarius is known as the wise one, or Guru; those with strong Sag vibes in their birth chart often posses wisdom beyond their years.

Sagittarius energy represents a deeply intuitive understanding of the human experience. It perceives our ultimate ‘oneness’ beyond superficial borders and distinctions. These vibes rule ‘the big picture’, our connection to the divine and esoteric truths.


New Moons are the time to set or refocus your intentions, making wishes for the future and even meditating on positive affirmations which support these developments.  New Moon energy is the most potent time to ask the universe (or spirit) to support bringing your dreams into reality.  Developing a personal New Moon practice or ritual to tap into this energy, you can consciously plant your energetic seeds for the future.

Before making your New Moon wishes and affirmations, reflect on all that you are grateful for in your life.  You may even reflect on how you can let go of past grievances you are holding onto through a gesture of forgiveness.  Allow yourself to let go of energetic attachments to the past so that you have more energy to focus on your intentions for the future.

This time is generally optimistic and ripe with powerful potential; take a moment to tune into the subtle energy of new beginnings with a sense of curiosity and excitement.  This is a time to be willing to receive new opportunities that align with the greatest expressions of your gifts in the world.

Give yourself time to daydream or meditate on the ‘best possible outcomes’ for yourself, you may be surprised at what comes up!  From this meditation, write down your New Moon wishes.  These are the goals you are setting (or reaffirming) for yourself, whether personal, relationship, career, financial, family or otherwise.  Once you have done that, go back over each one and feel the feeling of that wish coming true.  Beside each wish, write a statement, in the present tense, which encapsulates how you will feel once the wish has come true.

You can also use the energy of the New Moon to ask for the ability to balance any shadow expressions of Sagittarius energy, or to tap into the highest expressions of Sagittarius vibes (see some suggestions for Sagittarius New Moon wishes below!).

Awareness of how Sagittarius energy is expressed for your personally through your natal chart can also to help guide you in setting your New Moon intentions.  A personal reading can reveal these as well as other insights.

In the days following the New Moon, do what you love and invest your energy in what truly motivates you.  Feel fully alive and know that you have the power to create positive changes in your life, whatever they may be.



When you make a wish, you feel hope, desire and intention. Your thoughts, emotions (and wishes) create energies that you send out into the universe and through the law of attraction, the universe works to echo the same energy back to you to make your wish come true.  When you make a wish on the New Moon, the energy of ‘new beginnings’ AMPLIFIES the energy of the wish you are making – it gives your wish more power to manifest!


What to wish for when the New Moon is in Sagittarius:

The New Moon in Sagittarius is especially supportive of wishing for things like:

  • Wisdom
  • Awareness of a higher truth
  • A deeper sense of faith
  • The perfect spiritual mentor or guide
  • Strengthened intuition
  • Adventure
  • Foreign travel and/or exploration
  • Freedom
  • A deeper connection with nature
  • A more positive outlook on life
  • Spontaneity
  • The ability to communicate more honestly
  • Luckiness
  • A greater sense of integrity
  • The strength to act according to your conscience
  • A favorable resolution in legal matters
  • Academic success
  • Generosity of spirit
  • Sensitivity towards others
  • Attention to detail
  • Self-discipline and/or self-control
  • Confidence and/or peace of mind
  • Healing from sciatica or issues related to the liver, thighs and/or hips

This New Moon occurs on the cusp to Scorpio, meaning that you can also use this energy to wish for:

  • Exactly what you want in your intimate relationships
  • Greater intimacy, including a renewed sense of trust
  • Greater fulfillment through sexual connection
  • Recognizing who deserves your trust (and who doesn’t)
  • Greater focus on supporting your partner’s needs
  • Forgiveness and/or the release of long-held grievances
  • Assistance with ‘power struggles’, including workplace politics
  • Feeling empowered and using personal power responsibly
  • Psychological healing and the release of trauma
  • Release from addiction or other obsessive-compulsive behavior
  • Releasing rage, jealousy, destructive behavior, bitterness and/or self-sabotage
  • Greater optimism about the future and the courage to take a risk for what you believe in
  • Making good decisions for yourself
  • Releasing fear of commitment
  • Favorable business investments, inheritances, contracts, grants, loans or tax settlements
  • Healing from issues related to the colon, bladder, organs of elimination or sexual organs

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