2020 Mars Retrograde Horoscopes for Each Sign!

The 2020-2021 Mars Retrograde season lasts from late July 2020 until early January 2021.

Its energy calls you to look INWARD and TO THE PAST with respect to;

  • Getting in touch with the ‘work’ and other ‘commitments’ that truly fulfill you
  • Expressing your desires and needs to others
  • Acting out of a greater sense of purpose
  • How you engage in confrontation and/or conflict
  • Your physical health, self-care and well-being

For more insights, read my Mars Retrograde Energies & Lessons blog post, and check out my Tips & Guidance for Mars Retrograde Video below;

Here’s What you Need to Know about Mars Rx According to your Sun (or Rising) Sign

Sun in Aries (or Aries Rising)

Rest and make time for self-care during this retrograde season – you may feel those ‘hot’ emotions quite strongly over the next few months, including anger, frustration, impatience and aggression. You are also more likely to feel fatigue, lowered motivation and even a lack of confidence. Try to take the pressure off of yourself and see where you can make life easier by slowing down and relaxing your expectations. Remember this ‘season’ is only temporary and will pass, but not until late 2020/early 2021.

This is not a time for thinking long-term or making plans for the future. It can however be a time for becoming more clear about your values, the ideals that you want to live by, and the things you need in your life to feel a sense of freedom and independence. As you reflect on this, you are more likely to let go of (or temporarily step away from) relationships and/or other commitments that seem to be holding you back.

You are becoming more aware of the ways in which you assert yourself to others – how do you use force in the world, and in your relationships, to obtain what you desire? Notice also how you are communicating (or perhaps forgetting to communicate) in your relationships – you may need to take some time to let others in on your thought processes so that they don’t feel alienated from you, which can ultimately built a sense of trust and commitment between you and your partner. Ultimately, this Mars retrograde season is an important time for self-awareness and self-exploration. You will also need to examine your triggers for anger, frustration and defensiveness in order to temper your impulses and develop a greater sense of self-discipline – not fun, but definitely necessary!

Sun in Taurus (or Taurus Rising)

During this Mars retrograde season, you may feel lost, overwhelmed or anxious about the ‘big picture’ aspects of your life. You may be feeling as though many elements of your life are out of control and there can be a very strong desire to escape from day-to-day stresses. This is an important time to consider any ‘unpleasant truths’ you have been avoiding, because now is the time to face them. You will also be able to discover the courage and confidence that you need to do so.

This Mars retrograde cycle will be influencing your unconscious mind, including your hopes, dreams and visions for the future. It will also bring awareness to deeply held fears and worries (or nightmares). Personal secrets are also more likely to become uncovered now. A key element of this journey is going to be for you to notice how anger or denial has, perhaps unconsciously, been a response to fear – this can be a very difficult truth to face but it is also a worthy pursuit! You are learning to overcome fears so that you can find a deeper sense of faith, resiliency, purpose and personal strength.

Unfortunately Taurus, the only way out is in, meaning that it’s super important during this retrograde season to cultivate a deep sense of curiosity about your inner world, and the landscape of your unconscious psyche. You are going to have to let go of any ‘illusions’ which have been influencing the perceptions you are holding about yourself and the world around you. This is an important time for questioning your assumptions, and for letting go of pessimism or cynical thinking. Trust in yourself, in your convictions and your instincts. You are realizing that you are stronger than you had once believed, and this time can help you to take the action needed to bring your life into order.

Sun in Gemini (or Gemini Rising)

This is an important time for integration and processing of your inner world, Gemini, as well as conducting a sort of ‘cleansing’ in all elements of your life. Where do you need to remove ‘impurities’ so that you can conduct yourself in the world with greater integrity? Those impurities may be related to how you communicate, your circle of friends/acquaintances, or commitments that do not align with your ideals and values. It may also be concerns or anxieties about what others think of you. That which is inauthentic will now fall away.

This Mars retrograde season can definitely be a time for questioning your faith and confronting pessimistic internal dialogue. You may feel like you have a dark cloud over your head now, questioning your beliefs or your ability to influence others in positive ways. Remember that this is temporary and will pass. Notice also how your thoughts are being influenced by the people you are allowing into your energetic space. You may need to spend more time alone now than usual in order to reconnect with yourself and your internal sources of wisdom.

This is an important time for you to be honest with yourself as well as others, Gemini. You are being called to tune into your beliefs, values and ideals and, although it may definitely feel out of your comfort zone, you are being called to assert these beliefs boldly and definitively in the world. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks – those who truly hold your best interests at heart will only support you more for standing in your truth. During this time, you are realizing your power to inspire people in very positive ways, sharing your intuitive wisdom, your curious, open-minded nature and your unique perspectives.

Sun in Cancer (or Cancer Rising)

Ease up on your ambitions during this time Cancer, and use this Mars retrograde season to reflect on all that you’ve accomplished over the last year, personally, professionally and spiritually. Consider all that you have to be proud of, all that you have accomplished; the values you stand for and the ways in which they have been expressed through your recent actions. For the next few months, let yourself off the hook from needing to do more, and especially not in order to prove anything to anyone. Trust that you are and have enough.

Anger, frustration and resentments can come forward now in big ways, and you are becoming more aware of how you typically channel these energies. It may not be easy Cancer, but it’s time to reflect honestly on the ways in which anger is influencing your relationships with others. Are you ‘taking out’ your frustrations instead of working through them yourself? Do you create drama in your life as a reflection of your own unresolved emotions or fears? Humility and self-examination are called for now. You may also need to make amends where you have misstepped in the past. Trust that through this experience you are opening yourself up to a new level of maturity and self-mastery.

This is a time for rejuvenation and self-care, as well as tuning into the body’s instinctive wisdom in order to reveal hidden messages. Make a point of spending time alone. Nurture relationships with your loved ones. Do what you can to allow life to be a little easier and let go of the need for control. You may notice now where you have been wasting valuable energy by trying to be in control or trying to influence others. Where can you let go in order to create more peace within yourself? Notice where you are resistance change in your life that is simply inevitable, and try to cultivate a sense of optimism about the unseen opportunities that have yet to reveal themselves.

Sun in Leo (or Leo Rising)

This is an important time for cultivating greater self-discipline and discernment, Leo. Keep your head down and make sure that you are focused on taking care of your day-to-day affairs so that you don’t get caught up in larger than life dramas. You are learning to put your anger into perspective so that it does not control you, or your relationships. Tune into what your body needs right now and make sure to maintain (or re-establish) healthy routines for yourself. Try to have patience, and take life one day at a time.

Notice the way aggression may unintentionally be expressed through the way you speak to others. Is pride unconsciously expressing itself as a ‘need’ to be heard or a need to be ‘right’? The circumstances that arise now may be frustrating, but they are teaching you to slow down and reserve judgement so that life can become more fulfilling, more joyful and free-flowing. You are also learning to pick your battles more wisely.

You are learning to ground yourself by cultivating greater resilience and flexibility. Explore the ways in which you can look at the world with a more open mind. This is an important time for questioning your assumptions and beliefs so that you can gain a clearer understanding of the world around you. You are becoming more aware of ‘blindspots’ have been leading to false conclusions as well as cutting you off from valuable opportunities.

Sun in Virgo (or Virgo Rising)

This Mars retrograde season can open you up to valuable insights about your intimate relationships – which involve your romantic partner, your family members or even your business partners if you have them. This is definitely not a time to invest in the future when it comes to money or relationships. At the same time, those in your life may reveal aspects of their character which were previously concealed from your awareness.

Anger and resentment related to unmet expectations or a weak foundation of trust may be surfacing now in a variety of ways. Pay attention to subtle clues and try to avoid judgement or blame. Gather the facts as objectively as you can. Before you confront an issue, reflect on whether your expectations are truly realistic and fair. You may also be realizing where you need more freedom and independence.

Passive-aggressive tendencies will also come to the surface now, and you may challenged to express yourself more directly. It may not be easy, but honest communication with yourself and your partner is absolutely essential. You may need to admit wrongdoing in the process. You may also need to ask for (and grant) forgiveness so that healing can take place. Another possible manifestation of this energy is realizing the need to walk away from (or temporarily step back from) a relationship that is not fulfilling you in some essential way.

During this Mars retrograde season, you will be challenged to overcome your pride, and soften rigidity. Reflect on what you truly want and need from the people you love and care about. At the same time, where can you be more flexible? Where also might you be more accepting in your relationships, so that others can feel more supported and free to express themselves without holding anything back?

Sun in Libra (or Libra Rising)

You are going to learn a lot about yourself through the frustrations that arise in your relationships now – especially with friends, co-workers and/or romantic partners. During this Mars retrograde season, you are becoming more clear about the ways in which the dynamics of ‘give and take’ have been functioning in these relationships. You will definitely need to confront any passive-aggressive or manipulative behavior. Notice also what ‘truths’ you have been avoiding, and why?

If you have been prioritizing the needs of others over your own you are definitely going to feel depleted now, and this needs to be addressed. Make a point of spending time alone to gain clarity. You may also need to become more direct about any anger or resentments that you have been holding onto – it’s time to clear the air.

You will likely need to become critical of the ways in which your relationships are truly fulfilling and supporting you. Although it’s definitely not easy, Libra, you are learning to cultivate greater confidence in yourself and a greater sense of comfort being independent and self-reliant. What do you really want now, and what do you really need to nurture within yourself? These questions may be difficult to answer and, as you do, you may realize that you need distance from certain people in your life, even those who have been close to you in recent years. Trust yourself and trust that what unfolds will be for the best.

Sun in Scorpio (or Scorpio Rising)

This is a really important time to slow down and bring attention to your day-to-day routines and habits. You may definitely notice fatigue and a lack of motivation now, Scorpio, so give yourself extended time to meet deadlines where you can. You may also not have as much energy for others as you’re used to, so be mindful of your commitments. Wherever you are over-extending yourself, you are going to feel even more stressed, frustrated and possibly resentful. Certain responsibilities that you’ve taken on may need to fall away – release these graciously and compassionately.

Notice where you are holding onto anger, self-doubt, resentment and fear, for if you are brooding in these emotions, it is going to influence every opportunity that does (or does not) arrive at your door. You are bringing awareness to your own highly sophisticated defensive mechanisms now Scorpio, as well as the ways in which they are influencing your relationships.

It may be a painful process, but any addictive, self-destructive and/or self-sabotaging behavior will need to be addressed now. What are you saying to yourself through your inner dialogue? What are your outlets for stress, anger and frustration, and are these outlets sustainable? During this Mars retrograde season, you are learning that holding onto anger and resentment is ultimately hurting you the most. This is the time to truly consider how you practice self love and self-care – at the heart of it all is healing around your sense of self-worth.

Sun in Sagittarius (or Sagittarius Rising)

This Mars retrograde season can be especially challenging for the Fire element signs, and unfortunately, Sagittarius, you are no exception. You may feel like your usual lucky streak has run dry – but remember this is only temporary! Nevertheless, get ready to feel perpetually irritable and frustrated. You may feel like you’re hitting roadblocks at every turn, especially during BOTH of the October Full Moon’s. Yikes!

This Mars retrograde season is calling for greater self-discipline, objectivity, and awareness to the needs of others. It’s not going to be fun, but you will also need work on your communication style. Consider your typical physical reactions to people – your facial expressions, tone of voice and choice of words. Do you jump to conclusion or emotional reactions? Are you quick to anger? Do you ‘blow up’ or overreact? What people or situations trigger you the most, and why? Be honest. Be humble. This is part of your learning process.

In order to be successful, you need to slow down, temper your reactions and bite your tongue a little (or a lot) more often. Patience, objectivity and diplomacy are so key for you now, Sagittarius. You will also need to become more compassionate and considerate of those around you. Listen and ask questions. Reserve judgement. Question your assumptions.

Sun in Capricorn (or Capricorn Rising)

This is an important time to evaluate what you truly want from life now, or, on an even more essential level, who are you now? What is most important to you? What are your values and what do you stand for? Who is truly important to you in your life, and how are you nurturing those relationships? What do you truly need from those you love and how are your needs being expressed? On the other hand, which are ready to fall away – for the good of all involved?

Anger and resentment may be surfacing in a variety of ways in your relationships with loved ones or family members. Passive-aggressive tendencies and/or manipulative behavior will also need to be addressed. You may need to acknowledge missteps you have taken with others – be open to listening with compassion and an open heart so that healing can take place. If there has been a misstep, ask for forgiveness and make amends. You may also be realizing that you have a greater need for freedom and independence, requiring you to clearly communicate your personal needs and/or set new boundaries.

This can also be an important time for evaluating your need for control and the ways you express force or willfulness. Are you truly aware of the ways that anger and resentment are influencing you? Do you hold others responsible for your anger, and is that really fair? Make a point of spending time alone so that you can discover the emotions or unfulfilled desires which are being expressed as anger.

Aquarius (or Aquarius Rising)

You may be feeling like your whole world has been thrown off kilter now Aquarius – more anxious or distracted than usual. And you’re really being thrown out of your comfort zone now because these retrograde vibes are calling for you to bring greater attention to your moods and your emotions. The challenge you are facing is learning to express yourself more openly, while allowing others to share their own vulnerabilities with you. Your confidence may be shaken and that’s going to have to be ok. You are also learning now to rely on others and ask for help.

You are also going to have to become more careful and cautious during this Mars retrograde season. Double check, and then triple check details before making decisions and commitments. There can be a lot of mental activity swirling around in your mind right now, including echoes from the past, regrets, and fears. This is an important time for self-reflection, so create a lot more space in your calendar than you’re used to so you can spend some time alone. You are developing a new relationship with own inner self.

This is an important time for soul searching, when powerful emotions can be coming to the surface including grief, regret, and melancholy. Self-reflection is what’s needed to bring clarity – if you are feeling like you are unhappy, it’s time to address the core reasons why. Soon enough it will be time for change.

Pisces (or Pisces Rising)

Big questions are arising for you now, Pisces, and you may feel more overwhelmed than usual. This is an important to time to reflect on your personal boundaries. Notice what you are consuming – physically, intellectually and spiritually. What adjustments need to be made? Where do you need to cleanse or create more space? During this Mars retrograde season, you are re-orienting yourself to your core values and ideals. The more you do this, the more you will become clear about the relationships in your life and how you must navigate through any ‘drama’.

This is a key time for evaluating your relationships. Which are bringing you joy and fulfillment? On the other hand, which are bringing you tension, anxiety and frustration? You may also need to assert yourself more directly with others now. It’s okay to get angry sometimes and it’s okay to say NO. Ground yourself in your personal principles, and communicate in simple, direct terms as much as you can. You have more influence with others than you realize.

Fear can be so strong for you now, Pisces, as you are becoming more and more aware of unconscious fears that you have been holding onto. What can be especially potent now is fear of change, which is showing up as anxiety, detachment, and pessimism. It’s time to accept that what has ‘always been’ is no longer a sure thing. At the same time, there are so many hidden opportunities and blessings for you to discover once you can ‘lean in’. You are learning to tune into yourself so that you may cultivate a deeper sense of resilience, trusting that what is essential cannot fall away.

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