Astrology of the Coronavirus

Back in March, I shared some insights on the astrological events coinciding with the Coronavirus, and for 2020 as a whole.

View the video below!


Evolutionary Astrology in 2020 Webinar!

Find out why astrologers have described the energetic influences of 2020 as the dawning of a ‘New Age’ in this online webinar with Evolutionary Astrologer, Lindsey DePeri, including:

* An overview of epic transformational cycles, decades in the making, arriving at their peaks this year

* Major activations in Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini and Aries in 2020, and more!

* The energetic themes of six eclipses

* The shift to ‘Air’ element as the new emerging influence in our cultural evolution and how we are already experiencing this energy

* Key ‘opportunity’ and ‘watch’ periods for flowing consciously with astrological rhythms!

* Empowering tips for navigating through 2020’s Mercury, Mars and Venus retrogrades

Evolutionary astrology supports us in gaining greater self-awareness as a foundation to personal transformation, the realization of our greatest potentials, and the elevation of our collective consciousness.