Jupiter / Pluto Conjunctions in 2020



February 2020 – January 2021


April 4th, 2020

June 30th, 2020

November 12th, 2020

The transformational forces activating the sign of Capricorn in 2020 signal a period of tension and radical change related to your relationship with the principles of respectability, integrity and leadership.

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Energetic Influences

Capricorn energy rules your notion of success, reputation, status and respectability. It also rules tradition, how things have ‘always been’ and ‘traditional authority’. In the collective, Capricorn energy rules the foundational structures supporting modern society, including financial markets, trade and even the paradigm of the patriarchy. It plays out as the systems that bestow power and authority to certain individuals.

Pluto in Capricorn represents extreme expressions of ambition and dark or corrupt uses of power, as well as the exposure of those abuses.

From an evolutionary perspective, Pluto is teaching us, both on an individual and collective level, to use power more responsibly. That can mean being conscious about how emotions, desires and fears are driving the temptation to use, or potentially abuse, power. It also calls us to examine where we give away our power – as result of certain emotions, desires and fears.

At its deepest and most profound levels, Pluto, like the dark goddesss Kali, invites us to look deep within ourselves, into our most primal, even unconscious urges and…learn to accept them as part of our human nature. Pluto represents the struggle between good and evil playing out both on an individual level, and within in the collective unconscious.

Pluto rules the dark inward journeys

we must take

in order to truly heal

and know who we are.

Pluto rules dark truths that are often suppressed on both individual and collective levels. This dark goddess archetype rules our deepest experiences of vulnerability, and the defenses we have (often unconsciously) devised to cope with them. It rules our ‘demons’, which may be fears that are terrifying to acknowledge, suppressed rage, deeply felt grief and other residual emotions from past betrayals and/or traumas.

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, represents high-energy, growth and expansion; the feeling of being ever present and completely alive. This energy rules your evolution towards higher realms of consciousness, and points to where you are ready to evolve and mature in your life. It also rules the law and our notion of justice.

Jupiter’s influence will both amplify and exaggerate the energy of Pluto, bringing charged focus, clarity, awareness, urgency, anger, and righteousness.

Jupiter’s nature is to expose what you have been trying to deny or suppress. It increases the pain and suffering associated with an experience of ‘injustice’ until you finally take action.

Jupiter in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, will bring distinct attention to injustices that have been systemically playing out on both individual and collective levels, especially related to how power is assigned, maintained and/or abused, and especially involving traditional figures of authority.

The astrology of 2020 points to the crossing of an evolutionary threshold, with a dramatic ‘peak’ of transformational energies in the sign of Capricorn this year. There will also be a dramatic shift towards the end of the year, as Jupiter and Saturn meet up this December, and officially spark the dawning of the ‘new age’. This is an exciting time of change, growth and shifts in the balance of power that define how our society will operate going forward. At the same time, we are also experiencing intense resistance, both individually and collectively, to these new forces.

Tuning into the Highest Potential Expressions of Capricorn Energy

Evolutionary astrology reminds us that we are always choosing how we work through our challenges, and that the soul’s fundamental intention is to evolve towards more peaceful, creative, and loving forms of expression.

Pluto, the Greek god of the underworld, rules our collective darkness, the collective shadow, It brings our attention to the most frightening aspects of human nature in order to bring about change, a deeper understanding of who we are, and the opportunity to use power in more responsible ways. The choice ultimately is left to the individual.

While Capricorn energy triggers the desire to gain recognition and respect from others, it also rules self-respect. This year’s powerful activations of Capricorn vibes can support you to bring your true, authentic expressions into the public realm without compromising your personal ethics or values.

In its highest vibrations, Capricorn energy represents bringing your personal gifts and ideals into the world through the role you play in your public life.

While patterns of abuse are being exposed in our society, especially by those in positions of authority, on a more personal level, this energy brings forward the opportunity to achieve a new experience of alignment between who you are in private, and who you are with others.

When it believes in its cause, this energy is inspired and exceptionally hard-working. This energy acts with intention, however nature of this intention must be kept in check. The challenge of Capricorn is to balance the pursuit of success with the seductive power of its spoils: wealth, power and fame.


Common Experiences during Mercury Retrograde

  • Frustrations or confusion resulting from miscommunication
  • Important information tends to be missing or ‘veiled’, especially related to plans, decisions, agreements (contracts) and financial commitments
  • Plans are disrupted; unexpected detours
  • You feel fatigued + more likely to back out of social commitments at the last minute
  • Transportation blunders, breakdowns, delays etc.
  • A focus on the past, which may involve working through something currently unresolved
  • A focus inward; introspection and reflection
  • Being in a state of receiving; heightened intuition
  • Spontaneous inspiration leading to ‘magic moments
  • Unexpected opportunities and synchronicities come to you

Mercury Rules:

  • Communication
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Decision-Making
  • Travel (especially domestic or short distance)
  • Transportation (vehicles, planes, trains & their schedules, etc)
  • Technology
  • The transmission of ‘messages’ – In Greek mythology, Mercury was the messenger god.

In the Zodiac, Mercury rules Gemini and co-rules Virgo with Chiron.

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Some ‘quick tips’ for flowing with Mercury retrograde vibes:

  • Relax and trust that you don’t know what ‘ought’ to be
  • Create extra time and space in your schedule for rest and self-care
  • Look for the ‘silver lining’ when there are unexpected derailments to your plans, magical opportunities lie beneath the surface!

General Activities to avoid during retrograde!

  • Making financial commitments or plans which are inflexible – making big purchases or locking yourself into plans that you cannot easily back out of without a financial penalty are all very risky during retrograde.  Remember, key information is missing or hidden during retrograde and its shadow periods.  This is also a time when unexpected events are more likely to arise, which can shift the assumptions underlying these commitments.
  • Initiating New Long-Term Projects ­– Starting new projects such as beginning a new job or launching a new product or service through your business during Mercury retrograde typically lend themselves only to short-term prospects.  So, if you want to launch a new long-term endeavor, plan to do it before or after the retrograde and shadow periods.
  • Signing contracts – When you sign a contract, you do so with the assumption that all of the relevant facts and details are known – however during Mercury retrograde, remember that the chances are much higher that we do not have yet all of the relevant information!

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