Podcast #9: ‘Explosive’ Jupiter / Pluto Conjunctions in 2020 – NOW AVAILABLE!



An exploration of the astrology of the 3 ‘Explosive’ Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions in 2020. This energy will influence the June/July 2020 Eclipses and also the November/December 2020 Eclipses in radical ways.

The ‘big picture’ view is that powerful transformational energies activating the sign of Capricorn in 2020 signal a period of tension and radical change related to your relationship with the principles of respectability, integrity and leadership.

Capricorn energy rules your notion of success, reputation, status and respectability. It also rules tradition, how things have ‘always been’ and ‘traditional authority’.

Pluto in Capricorn represents extreme expressions of ambition and dark or corrupt uses of power, as well as the exposure of those abuses. From an evolutionary perspective, Pluto is teaching us, both on an individual and collective level, to use power more responsibly.

Jupiter’s influence will both amplify and exaggerate the energy of Pluto, bringing charged focus, clarity, awareness, urgency, anger, and righteousness.

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