Mars Retrograde Energies and Lessons; Sept 9th-Nov 13th, 2020


Mars will officially be ‘retrograde’ from Sept 9th – Nov 13th, 2020, although when you include the pre and post-retrograde shadow periods, the complete cycle extends almost 5 months, from July 24th until January 2nd, 2021. It’s so helpful to understand how we are influenced Mars retrograde vibes during this entire period.

The last time Mars was in retrograde was from June 26th – August 27th, 2018 and the next cycle after this one will be in October 2022.

What happens in the Sky During Retrograde?



Mars rules;

  • The ego
  • Your motivation
  • Your sense of confidence and courage
  • Drive & willpower
  • Sexual energy
  • Impulses
  • Aggression
  • How you express your fundamental needs and desires
  • Your ability to arrive at conclusions
  • Your physical body and instincts

In the Zodiac, Mars rules Aries and co-rules Scorpio with Pluto.  

During the Mars Retrograde cycle, fated events and repeating themes will reinforce where you need to evolve related to one or more of the above.


Aries energy rules the physical body, the mind, and your sense of identity. It rules how you experience your own physical and mental strength. Aries vibes rule your sense of independence, confidence and self-sufficiency. They rule your gut or animal instincts and sex drive.

Mars, ruling the energy of will and motivation, expresses in Aries as strong, competitive and confident. In its ruling sign of Aries, Mars lives in the moment, responding to instinct, self-interest, desire and/or threats in a simple, direct way. It acts (and reacts) both quickly and decisively; aggression is also easily triggered.

In retrograde, Mars in Aries can express as fatigue and a lack of motivation. It can also bring the experience of physical weakness or even injury and/or sickness. During Mars retrograde, the needs of the physical body become more pressing than usual – there is a calling now for balance and attention. It’s a good time to address any unhealthy tendencies which have slipped into the realm of habit. It’s also a VERY good time for rejuvenation, rest and perhaps a cleanse. It’s also an important time to tune into any instinctive messages that come forward now – you may be surprised.

Mars retrograde can express itself as a lack of confidence, or fear, indecisiveness and even anxiety. Feelings of powerlessness can arise. There is a general lack of ‘follow-through’ and so endeavors that you initiate during this time are more likely to fizzle out energetically. Scroll down for more insights about general Mars retrograde energies.

We can all be quick to anger when Mars is in Aries, and the energy of Mars in retrograde will reinforce this theme in a huge way. In general Mars retrograde brings the opportunity to become more aware of how you use (or give away) your personal power. Those who tend to use force or bullying to get their way are using direct Mars to exert their will in the world – this tactic is less effective when Mars is in retrograde. On the other hand, those who tend to yield to others, or who neglect their fundamental needs and desires will be challenged to speak up more confidently during this time. During the Mars Retrograde cycle, fated events and repeating themes will reinforce where you need to evolve, or otherwise you will have a very frustrating experience.

Mars retrograde in 2020 will be activated by the powerful dark goddess Eris, which can bring up an even more powerful, deep-seated rage. Anger and rage are more likely to temporarily blind objectivity during this time, and can provoke intense conflicts, especially during the September, October and November Full Moons.

Probing into this anger through deep inner (shadow) work and giving attention to underlying/unconscious emotions is going to be key to staying grounded during this astrological season, while also opening yourself to its highest-vibration potentials. It will also be valuable to explore how anger, aggression and even passive-aggression are influencing your relationships.


  • Mars conjunct Eris in Aries(occurs 3x during the Mars retrograde season)
    • The arousal of deep-seated anger and rage, which may be unconscious. You will be called to tune into the emotions underlying this rage and this may involve feelings of rejection or another form of injustice. While exploring these may be an intense and painful process, there is a calling for deep inner (shadow) work now to help to integrate and heal these traumas.
    • Strong desire for vengeance
    • The need to explore how anger, competitiveness and resentment are influencing your relationships
  • Mars square Pluto in Capricorn (occurs 3x during the Mars retrograde season)
    • A sense of pressure and the urge to ‘avoid’ necessary change, expressed as anger, aggression or willfulness
    • Extreme self-consciousness, along with the need to be perceived as strong and/or undefeatable
    • Fear masked as aggression or an intense need for control
  • Mars square Saturn in Capricorn (occurs 3x during the Mars retrograde season)
    • Frustration, coming especially from not being able to express yourself in the world the way you want to at this time. The feeling of being held back.
    • A strong need to develop practices of self-discipline
    • The need to temper impulsive tendencies by thinking through to the end-result; a calling to become more strategic and pragmatic, in order to fulfill your dharma.
  • Mars trines SN in Sagittarius(occurs 3x during the Mars retrograde season)
    • A calling to question your assumptions and pre-conceived notions
    • Bringing awareness to ‘knee-jerk’ reactions, especially when acting out of anger or frustration
    • Can increase tendencies towards recklessness and risk-taking
  • Full Moons (August – December)
    • Full Moons during this time will activate Mars retrograde energy and intensify its influence. Inner conflicts, conflicts with others, anger, aggression and resentments, power struggles, and the need to address power dynamics in relationships will all be highlighted.


There is so much more to say about Mars Retrograde, and understanding how a specific transit will influence you personally depends on your unique birth chart. 

Until December 15th, I am offering a ‘mini’ Mars Retrograde reading that allows you to ask a question and receive specific insights about how Mars Retrograde is influencing YOU personally.

When we learn to flow with astrological rhythms, we maximize energetic support for our actions and minimize ‘resistance’.  We can do this by avoiding actions which aren’t supported by retrograde energies. 


Fatigue, Illness, Clumsiness

Indicates where you need to bring more attention to self care.  The body is ‘weakened’ during Mars Retrograde and is more likely to show symptoms of prolonged physical and mental strain.  You are being called now to assess how you are spending your energy and decide which routines and commitments need to shift.  Otherwise, the strain of being stretched too thin will perpetually be a source of frustration and ailment during this time.

Lack of Confidence, Resistance to Change, a Sense of Despair

Brings the opportunity to confront the sources of self-doubt and negative self-talk within you.   It’s time to look inside and explore the beliefs you hold about yourself (the projection of yourself TO yourself) in order to discover the ‘blind spots’ that are limiting you.  You likely need to give yourself more credit and allow your sense of confidence to flow from within.  This enables you to become more resilient when moving into new situations.  On the other hand, those who have an inflated sense of confidence are more likely to be met with experiences that teach humility.

Rediscovering Old Passions, Hobbies or Creative Outlets

Since Mars rules motivation, during retrograde you are more likely to assess (or tune into) what truly drives you from within and reconnect with things that have inspired you in the past.  You may find you are distracted from your normal routine and commitments during Mars retrograde – and it’s a great time to notice exactly what’s distracting you because it can lead to new discoveries about what you find truly fulfilling.  It’s a time when many people make changes to their career path or start taking courses to develop new skills. It’s also a time when you are reminded of old hobbies and other ‘passion projects’ – make time for these and see what arises! During Mars retrograde, some of best outcomes, or unexpected miracle, arise through the pursuit of your ‘distractions’.

Delays, Rework or Other Difficulties getting New Projects off the Ground

Mars Retrograde is not a good time to jump into new endeavors such as major investments, new jobs, new relationships or strategic expansions to your business.  This is because the energy of Mars is stagnated during retrograde and lacks ‘follow through’.  Flowing with retrograde vibes generally means waiting until they clear (where you can) to make these important moves forward.

The best ways to roll with Mars Retrograde energy are to ease up on your ambitions, and especially to slow down your pace so you can think and act more strategically. Focus on maintaining existing routines and look at where you can tie up loose ends from the past by finishing existing projects or revisiting what has inspired you in the past.  There is an opportunity to bring new life into a pursuit that has fallen by the way side.

Ideally you want to be patient and wait to launch new (long-term) ventures until you have better support from astrological energies to carry your new project as far into the future as possible.  Otherwise, your endeavor is more likely to lose steam or you’ll need to repeat aspects over again.

Shortened Temper, Frustration, Overreacting

The Mars Retrograde season calls us to focus on how we express our fundamental needs and desires.  Those who tend to bully or express their will with aggression are more likely to be met with frustration as their ‘power’ to influence others is weakened.  At the outset these individuals may react by showing even more aggression in an attempt to force their desired outcome, until they realize the solution actually lies in taking a more respectful approach.  They are learning to live with others more peacefully and this involves being more open to compromise.

On the other hand, those who tend to be passive will feel the effects of their unexpressed will (the effects of their internalized anger and resentment) more vividly.  These individuals are being called to live with themselves more peacefully by speaking up about their needs without guilt or shame.  Someone who is suppressing their desires is also more likely to experience physical illness or have accidents during this time as the body more readily reflects the symptoms of inner conflict during this time.

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Common Experiences during Mercury Retrograde

  • Frustrations or confusion resulting from miscommunication
  • Important information tends to be missing or ‘veiled’, especially related to plans, decisions, agreements (contracts) and financial commitments
  • Plans are disrupted; unexpected detours
  • You feel fatigued + more likely to back out of social commitments at the last minute
  • Transportation blunders, breakdowns, delays etc.
  • A focus on the past, which may involve working through something currently unresolved
  • A focus inward; introspection and reflection
  • Being in a state of receiving; heightened intuition
  • Spontaneous inspiration leading to ‘magic moments
  • Unexpected opportunities and synchronicities come to you

Mercury Rules:

  • Communication
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Decision-Making
  • Travel (especially domestic or short distance)
  • Transportation (vehicles, planes, trains & their schedules, etc)
  • Technology
  • The transmission of ‘messages’ – In Greek mythology, Mercury was the messenger god.

In the Zodiac, Mercury rules Gemini and co-rules Virgo with Chiron.

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Some ‘quick tips’ for flowing with Mercury retrograde vibes:

  • Relax and trust that you don’t know what ‘ought’ to be
  • Create extra time and space in your schedule for rest and self-care
  • Look for the ‘silver lining’ when there are unexpected derailments to your plans, magical opportunities lie beneath the surface!

General Activities to avoid during retrograde!

  • Making financial commitments or plans which are inflexible – making big purchases or locking yourself into plans that you cannot easily back out of without a financial penalty are all very risky during retrograde.  Remember, key information is missing or hidden during retrograde and its shadow periods.  This is also a time when unexpected events are more likely to arise, which can shift the assumptions underlying these commitments.
  • Initiating New Long-Term Projects ­– Starting new projects such as beginning a new job or launching a new product or service through your business during Mercury retrograde typically lend themselves only to short-term prospects.  So, if you want to launch a new long-term endeavor, plan to do it before or after the retrograde and shadow periods.
  • Signing contracts – When you sign a contract, you do so with the assumption that all of the relevant facts and details are known – however during Mercury retrograde, remember that the chances are much higher that we do not have yet all of the relevant information!

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