‘Mini’ Astrology Reading: Mars Retrograde 2020 *Special Offer Ends Nov 15th*

My goal is provide you with insights and new opportunities to effectively and practically apply this astrological wisdom in your life.

Retrogrades have always fascinated me as an astrologer and I am especially focused on using retrograde energy effectively in order to tune into the season’s highest-vibration potentials.

The 2020-2021 Mars Retrograde season lasts from late July 2020 until early January 2021.

Its energy calls you to look INWARD and TO THE PAST with respect to;

  • Getting in touch with the ‘work’ that truly fulfills you
  • Expressing your desires and needs to others
  • Acting out of a greater sense of purpose
  • How you engage in confrontation and/or conflict
  • Your physical health, self care and well-being

And that’s just the beginning! Since Mars rules such a vast array of energetic expressions in our lives, its retrograde season also has a WIDE range of possible manifestations.

If you are interested to find out more about how it is influencing you personally, I’m offering a shortened reading option that looks at providing insights and guidance into how Mars Retrograde is influencing YOU!

This is a great opportunity to work with me at a lower cost than my normal readings and to see if we might be a match to work together more extensively in the future.



The ‘mini’ reading will address your question, while discussing the influence of Mars Retrograde in your transit chart, as well as the influences of your unique natal Mars energy.

Personal planet retrogrades – those of Mars, Venus and Mercury – tend to influence us in more intimate ways. Our evolutionary journey is also tied to the opportunities and lessons that are available to us during these times. 

Exchange: $18

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Offer Available until November 15th, 2020

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Still Wondering What to Expect?

My astrology readings are fun, insightful and compassionate!

ALL readings are 100% personalized. You will not receive any assessment that is generated by software. Each reading is customized based on your unique information and your specific questions.  These ‘mini’ readings include a personalized private audio recording and a copy of your astrological natal and transit charts.

My approach to giving readings as a customized (Mp3) recording means that you do not need to schedule a specific time and day with me to receive your reading.  You can also re-listen to your reading as many times as you like down the road.

Your personalized recording is private and is sent only to you, however after you receive your reading you may share it with anyone you wish.

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