Exciting LEO New Moon Potentials! Tuesday, August 18th, 2020


  • Newfound self-awareness
  • Clarity
  • Courage
  • Tuning into sense of personal integrity & purpose
  • Letting go of preconceived notions
  • Confronting anger and aggressive behavior

This fiery Leo New Moon, on the cusp to Virgo, lends its energy to a fiery Grand Trine that is energizing, passionate, and ready to take action.

Leo vibes are noble, dedicated, playful, proud and big-hearted. This energy is about the fulfillment that comes from being SEEN, loved and admired in your most authentic light – basking in the joy of life through the giving and receiving of love. You can use the timing of the New Moon to call in more of this youthful, fun-loving energy into your life.

Leo vibes can bring forward fertility of all kinds, new creative energy, and the kind of passionate romance that are possible when we lead with our hearts. It can help you to get in touch with your sense of confidence, with the ability to live fully in the moment and trust your instincts. It can also help you to call in more courage, as well as pride in the value you bring into the world, and the moral strength that can allow you to inspire others through demonstrations of integrity, love and generosity; Leo expressions at their very best.

You can also use the days leading up to the New Moon to meditate on letting go of some of the ‘shadow’ expressions of Leo energy: self-consciousness, self-centeredness, the need for approval, lavish indulgence, and the tendency to get carried away with emotions. Use the New Moon to call in greater balance for excessive Leo expressions.

Strong fire energy, activated through the Grand-Trine as well as the gradually increasing intensity of the Pre-Mars Retrograde Shadow in Aries, brings awareness to ‘hot’ emotions such as anger and pride. You are being called over the next 4 months to consider how you channel anger and willfulness, as well as the ways in which you express your personal power.

This New Moon can reconnect you with the fire of your inner passion, your zest for life and your loving spirit. The Grand Trine can also help to bring a sense of clarity that comes from tuning into your needs, desires and values. It can bring luck, new opportunities and new impulses. It can bring courage and the willingness to overcome fear or discouragement in order to pursue what truly inspires you. It can also help to bring a newfound sense of purpose and alignment of your vocation to your highest calling.

As we progress into the final months of 2020, into the depths of Mars Retrograde in fiery Aries (peaking in early November), through a series of intensely frustrating Mars/Saturn squares and powerful Mars/Pluto squares, as well as activations of the dark goddess Eris, there is an overall calling for humility and self-awareness, discernment, independence, questioning of assumptions, and a renewed sense of courage rooted in core values.


  • Grand Trine in Fireinvolves the New Moon and Mercury in Leo, Mars and Eris in Aries and the South Node in Sagittarius
    • Instinctive action and/or decisions
    • Tuning into anger to attain clarity
    • Breaking away from dysfunctional habits
    • Newfound confidence
  • ‘Kite’ Aspect Pattern The North Node in Gemini combines with the Grand Trine in Fire to form a kite aspect, with the North Node making sextiles to the Sun, Moon & Mercury in Leo + Mars & Eris in Aries.
    • New sense of balance between humility and pride
    • Questioning assumptions
    • Letting go of attachment to outcome/pride/the need to be right
  • Mars + Eris in Aries square Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn
    • Awareness of deep-seated anger which may be operating unconsciously
    • Misuse of aggression <or> empowerment to speak up for yourself
  • New Moon quincunx to Pluto & Saturn in Capricorn
    • Represents the ‘pull’ of the past, tradition and attachment to ‘old ways’
    • Conflicts with or being challenged by authority figures
    • Questioning notions of integrity, respectability, leadership and success
  • Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn
    • Learning to use power more responsibly
    • A call to justice over abuses of power
    • Deep introspection and inner (shadow) work
  • Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn
    • Points to a radical evolution in beliefs and values that is ongoing throughout 2020
    • Being called to develop greater self-discipline and use power more responsibly
  • Mars Retrograde Pre-Shadow, square to Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn
    • Emphasizes the need for greater self awareness and discipline
    • Becoming more aware of how anger and aggressive behavior are influencing your relationships
    • Tuning into your freedom needs and your sense of individuality
    • Letting go of the past through forgiveness

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New Moons are the time to set or refocus your intentions, making wishes for the future and even meditating on positive affirmations which support these developments.  New Moon energy is the most potent time to ask the universe (or spirit) to support bringing your dreams into reality.  Developing a personal New Moon practice or ritual to tap into this energy, you can consciously plant your energetic seeds for the future.

Before making your New Moon wishes and affirmations, reflect on all that you are grateful for in your life.  You may even reflect on how you can let go of past grievances you are holding onto through a gesture of forgiveness.  Allow yourself to let go of energetic attachments to the past so that you have more energy to focus on your intentions for the future.

This time is generally optimistic and ripe with powerful potential; take a moment to tune into the subtle energy of new beginnings with a sense of curiosity and excitement.  This is a time to be willing to receive new opportunities that align with the greatest expressions of your gifts in the world.

Give yourself time to daydream or meditate on the ‘best possible outcomes’ for yourself, you may be surprised at what comes up!  From this meditation, write down your New Moon wishes.  These are the goals you are setting (or reaffirming) for yourself, whether personal, relationship, career, financial, family or otherwise.  Once you have done that, go back over each one and feel the feeling of that wish coming true.  Beside each wish, write a statement, in the present tense, which encapsulates how you will feel once the wish has come true.

Awareness of how the the energy of the New Moon is expressed for your personally through your natal chart can also to help guide you in setting your New Moon intentions.  A personal reading can reveal these as well as other insights.

In the days following the New Moon, do what you love and invest your energy in what truly motivates you.  Feel fully alive and know that you have the power to create positive changes in your life, whatever they may be.

Common Experiences during Mercury Retrograde

  • Frustrations or confusion resulting from miscommunication
  • Important information tends to be missing or ‘veiled’, especially related to plans, decisions, agreements (contracts) and financial commitments
  • Plans are disrupted; unexpected detours
  • You feel fatigued + more likely to back out of social commitments at the last minute
  • Transportation blunders, breakdowns, delays etc.
  • A focus on the past, which may involve working through something currently unresolved
  • A focus inward; introspection and reflection
  • Being in a state of receiving; heightened intuition
  • Spontaneous inspiration leading to ‘magic moments
  • Unexpected opportunities and synchronicities come to you

Mercury Rules:

  • Communication
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Decision-Making
  • Travel (especially domestic or short distance)
  • Transportation (vehicles, planes, trains & their schedules, etc)
  • Technology
  • The transmission of ‘messages’ – In Greek mythology, Mercury was the messenger god.

In the Zodiac, Mercury rules Gemini and co-rules Virgo with Chiron.

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Some ‘quick tips’ for flowing with Mercury retrograde vibes:

  • Relax and trust that you don’t know what ‘ought’ to be
  • Create extra time and space in your schedule for rest and self-care
  • Look for the ‘silver lining’ when there are unexpected derailments to your plans, magical opportunities lie beneath the surface!

General Activities to avoid during retrograde!

  • Making financial commitments or plans which are inflexible – making big purchases or locking yourself into plans that you cannot easily back out of without a financial penalty are all very risky during retrograde.  Remember, key information is missing or hidden during retrograde and its shadow periods.  This is also a time when unexpected events are more likely to arise, which can shift the assumptions underlying these commitments.
  • Initiating New Long-Term Projects ­– Starting new projects such as beginning a new job or launching a new product or service through your business during Mercury retrograde typically lend themselves only to short-term prospects.  So, if you want to launch a new long-term endeavor, plan to do it before or after the retrograde and shadow periods.
  • Signing contracts – When you sign a contract, you do so with the assumption that all of the relevant facts and details are known – however during Mercury retrograde, remember that the chances are much higher that we do not have yet all of the relevant information!

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