‘Mini’ Astrology Reading: Personalized Guidance for 2021! *Special Offer Ends Feb 28th*

Receive key guidance and an overview of the energetic themes influencing you in 2021!

The ‘Mini’ Reading is a 30-minute pre-recorded session. You will receive a link to access the audio recording, which is yours to keep!

During this 30-minute session, I will;

  • Define the key energies influencing you personally in 2021
  • Bring context to challenges or obstacles you are currently facing or will face in the new year
  • Help you understand where to ‘lean in’ to change and/or ‘lean out’ of your comfort zone
  • Identify your highest vibration expressions for the new year
  • Offer evolutionary guidance for you in 2021 with direction to where you have the greatest potential for growth

A truly * stellar * gift for yourself or someone special!

Prior to the reading, I will ask you a series of questions related to career, relationship, and personal development goals, as well as anything else you would like me to know.

This is a great opportunity to work with me at a lower cost than my normal readings, and see if we might be a match to work together more extensively in the future.

Exchange: $60

Offer Available until February 28th, 2021

Request Yours Today!

‘Mini’ Astrology Reading: 2021 Guidance

Receive a completely personalized 30-minute pre-recorded audio download


After requesting your ‘mini’ reading, you’ll receive a confirmation email including the reading delivery date. I will also a request your birth information (if I don’t have it already) and inputs on a series of prep questions to assist me in creating your reading.

Includes a personalized private audio recording (approx. 30-minutes) and a copy of your astrological natal chart + current transits.

Questions? Email me anytime!

*Recent Testimonials *

“You have no idea how extremely helpful this is.  So much there and so meaningful!  I have listened to the recording a few times now and each time I hear something new.  Thanks again for your wonderful gift and for sharing it with me.”

Karen – Cleveland, Ohio

“Lindsey gave me the personal guidance and reassurance I needed! Her insights into my chart helped me navigate this phase in my life and am grateful for her soothing and loving energy.”

Kim – Naples, Florida

“Lindsey’s knowledge and passion shines through in her astrology offerings. I was amazed with the depth Lindsey brought to my personal reading. She inspires me to want to learn more from her.”

Luanne – Boulder, Colorado

Still Wondering What to Expect?

My astrology readings are fun, insightful and compassionate!

ALL readings are 100% personalized. You will not receive any assessment that is generated by software. Each reading is customized based on your unique information and specific questions.  You do not need to have prior experience with astrology to be able to benefit from a reading.

On the reading ‘delivery date’ you will receive a link to access your private audio recording. You do not need to schedule a specific time and day with me to receive your reading.  You can re-listen to your personalized recording as many times as you like down the road.

Your personalized recording is private and is sent only to you, however after you receive your reading you may share it with anyone you wish.

Still not sure?  Check out more testimonials shared by previous clients like you!

Feel free to email me directly with any questions about receiving a reading.

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