Astrological Attunement, Energetic Alignment & Intention Setting Ceremony

with Evolutionary Astrologer, Lindsey DePeri-Franz and Intuitive, Shanin Weisberg

* Set your 2021 intentions *

* Gain momentum for the year to come *

* Initiate a universal response *

Join Lindsey & Shanin for a special virtual New Year’s Activation to attune and align you with your evolutionary potential in 2021!

The astrological progressions of 2020 into 2021 describe an epic turning point unlike any we have seen in our lifetime. More than ever, people around the world are awakening to an enlightened state of consciousness and love. We are experiencing the resurrection of the divine feminine principle!

This energy encourages us to surrender to the greater unfolding as we let go of the past and awaken to a new paradigm.

This new “normal” has opened the door for a deeper understanding of the power behind not only our actions, but more importantly what comes first: our words, thoughts and emotions. If we become clear enough to release what is no longer serving us, while we emit what we are welcoming in…then we have made vital steps toward attunement and alignment with our soul’s highest path.


ª  Attune to the astrological influences present as we cross the threshold from 2020 into 2021, bringing context to our collective evolutionary journey

ª  Explore how we can let go of unnecessary baggage from 2020 while stepping into our highest vibration potentials for 2021 

ª  Experience a guided Spirit Journey meditation to naturally alter and heighten our awareness, opening the door to consciously illuminate and clarify our energy to align with our soul’s desires and agenda in 2021

ª  Enjoy time and space to answer contemplative journal prompts to seal the deal!

Thursday, January 14th

6pm – 8pm MST

Audio/Video Playback, Handouts & Bonus Content will be available within 24 hours

Exchange: $35 early bird (until 1/7 – one week before), $40 after

Lindsey DePeri-Franz is an archetypal evolutionary astrologer with a background in coaching and personal development. Lindsey works with clients around the world to facilitate a deeper sense of soul-purpose and empowerment as they navigate key life passages. She also mentors novice astrologers while leading workshops and offering ritual practices for flowing consciously with astrological rhythms.

Lindsey is compassionate, intuitive and insightful; witnessing and honoring the profound beauty of each soul’s remarkable journey. In addition to astrology, she teaches meditation and bhakti yoga, including work with mantra, sound and Reiki.

Shanin Weisberg shares her intuitive gifts in 1:1 sessions, space clearings/blessings, yoga classes and group events. She works closely with helping, compassionate spirits and specializes in work that promotes healing and wholeness on every level, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. With a down-to-earth, relatable approach, her work encourages conscious navigation through the trials and tribulations of life by better understanding and working WITH life experiences, energy and soul evolution. Learn more about Shanin here: Surrender to Soul Healing & Wellness

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