January Astrology Highlights


Merry Solstice Blessings! What a year!

Astrologically speaking 2020 was a BIG year, but there’s still some major shifts coming in 2021. Use the next few days to reflect on what you’ve learned this year and celebrate your successes, big and small.

A key theme that’s winding down from this Fall’s astrology, is the journey towards a deeper sense self-respect, self-love and self-confidence: What have you learned this year that makes you stronger?  

How have you learned to take better care of your wellbeing, or what resolutions do you want to make for yourself now?

The Winter Solstice season is the time for reconnecting with your ‘inner spark’, your sense of purpose => that which brings your heart true joy. How can you free up more space for these in your life this coming year?

Key Dates for January Astrology!

Jan 6th – Waning Quarter Moon in Libra 
Let it all go. This is a key moment of release for any leftover 2020 ‘baggage’ – whatever your are processing, grieving or evolving beyond, you can use this energy to help you let it all go.

You may also need to release attachment to the idea of perfection now and accept the circumstances outside of your control. Having said that, you can ground into a sense of balance and practicality by taking some time to organize, sort and cleanse. Keyword: Self-Care!

Jan 6th – Mars enters Taurus
Whew! After spending 6 months in the sign of Aries, we’re finally leaving the realm of Mars Retrograde (until the year 2022!), ready to move FORWARD!

This energy is all about comfort and stability, bringing the capacity to work hard to get what you want. You may also have the urge to indulge in the purchasing of luxury items – just don’t get carried away. Remember to stay open to new possibilities and situations – change is a big theme for 2021 and that can make this Mars in Taurus energy uncomfortable!

Jan 8th – Sun in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces
Open the heart and let unconditional love shine through! Notice if you’re getting down into a depressed or ‘everyone’s against me’ sort of mood. This activation points to letting go of rigid behavior and rigid thinking => the release point is acceptance. You may need to soften expectations for yourself or someone else right now: explore where you can lean more into compassion and generosity.

Jan 13th – New Moon in Capricorn
Jan 14th – Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn + Uranus Direct

Becoming more aware of your personal power: what will it mean for you to ‘lead with compassion’ going forward?

This New Moon carries a special potency because it’s the first New Moon since the renewal of the Solar Year at the Winter Solstice, yay! This is THE MAGICAL TIME to set your intentions for 2021!

Over the last few weeks you have been gaining clarity and alignment between your inner and outer self – this is where you focus clarity with purpose in order to create meaningful results and synchronicities. Take time for your New Moon Ritual today: this is a powerful time to co-create with spirit.

Uranus stationing direct points to letting go of fear and scarcity mentality. You can use this energy to help in the release of anxious thought patterns.

Jan 17th – Jupiter in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus
Jan 19th – Sun Enters Aquarius

Jan 20th – Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus + Waxing Quarter Moon

Lean INto your individuality and let your ‘freak flag’ fly! Over the next 4 weeks, don’t be afraid to speak your mind, stand up for your principles or be a little bit unconventional => this activation is a calling for bold thought, courage, and the willingness to explore new, and better, ways of doing things.

The world needs diversity of thought now more than ever in order to face the new challenges, and a key theme for the next month is taking a step back to gain perspective on the big picture. 

Jan 23rd – Sun conjunct Saturn in Aquarius
Jan 28th – Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius
Jan 26th – Sun in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus

A key theme for 2021 (even more than in 2020) is tension between the need for radical change, and the desire to hold onto what’s known or ‘safe’. This energy can be extremely volatile and confusing at times throughout the year, perhaps even a source of great anxiety.

The guidance for this activation is to be willing to create or even fight for change, as long as it’s for the right reasons.

You may need to do some soul searching now to get clear on your core beliefs, values and principles. Be careful now not to get too caught up in someone else’s world view or fear mentality.