Grounding into Resilience: Astrological Insights on the Events of Jan 6, 2021

How do we ground into resilience during a time that feels incredibly chaotic, incredibly dark and incredibly uncertain?  

I wanted to share some astrological context and guidance for the events of this week, in order for us to gain perspective, and (hopefully) some empowerment as a response to what we’ve witnessed in our nations capital this week.  

There have been so many thoughts and thoughts and emotions swirling in my head as I’ve been tuning in, witnessing and processing the events, and what it means on a practical level, what it means for our country, what it means for us as individuals. How do we move forward from here?

How do we ground into a sense of strength, courage, empowerment, agency, faith and hope?  

Is there a connection between what is happening here and the movements of heavenly bodies? Yes, absolutely, and the astrology of these times also describes a path to our highest forms of expression…

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