Leo Full Moon Notes – Jan 28th, 2020


* Passionate authentic expression *

* Aligning with purpose & core values *

* Navigating uncertainty => building personal resilience *

Meditation/Journal Prompts

  • What are my greatest sources of inspiration? How can I align more fully day-to-day with my most joyful, passionate, authentic expressions?
  • Where have I been afraid to take a risk even though I feel a strong calling to take action? What do I need to remember in order to feel more courageous?
  • How can I be more accepting of myself without needing approval? Or, what is a compliment that I’ve received recently, but haven’t really ‘let in’ or allowed myself to acknowledge as true?
  • Where is fear showing up as a need to control my surroundings? Where can I soften in order to become more accepting of uncertainty?

The Bigger Picture

  • Sun in Aquarius Season – The Sun in Aquarius is a time for exploring your individuality, your personal passions, values and purpose. While it can bring up intense feelings of alienation, it also calls for courageous expressions of love to break through the illusion of separateness. This is a time to celebrate your most unique qualities and explore what may be needed to cultivate a deeper sense of self-acceptance. You may also use this time to form more meaningful connections with others who share your ideals.
  • Emphasis on Aquarian Energy throughout 2021 – Aquarius is the sign of the sacred rebel, the reformer, or the one who questions the status quo. The powerful activations of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius throughout 2021 will elevate our awareness of social responsibilities and energize the global discourse. Overall, Aquarius energy represents a return to what’s ‘essential’, speaking truth and evolving outdated structures.
  • Fear, volatility and change – The alignments of the outer planets throughout this year point to a great deal of tension and volatility. Core structures within our society are evolving, but there is also strong resistance and fear arising in response to these transitions. Collectively we are being challenged daily to integrate very powerful, primal emotions as we move through this unfolding.

Leo Energy & Shadows

Leo is the archetype of the Passionate Lover, the Courageous Hero, and the Entertainer. Leo vibes bring fertility of all kinds; creative inspiration, romance and the courage to lead with your heart. Tuning into Leo energy can help you live more fully in the moment, engage your playful nature, and trust your instincts. It can also help you feel more confident about your unique gifts and talents.

Leo represents joyfulness, generosity and the celebration of life. This energy is about being SEEN, admired and loved in your most authentic light – bask in it!  It also represents your own inner child and the instinctive desire for love and acceptance.

‘Shadow’ expressions of Leo include selfishness, over-reacting, lavish indulgences or forcefulness.  It’s important during this time to be open to compromise.

Shadows of Leo Energy:

  • Being overly self-involved; neglecting the feelings or needs of others
  • Pride, willfulness or stubbornness
  • Attempts to manipulate situations through acts of ‘generosity’ or heroism

Final Thoughts

  • Leo energy rules our most passionate expressions, so it will be easy to get carried away with our emotions during this entire week. It may be difficult to find objectivity until the heat of this Fiery Full Moon simmers down.
  • Tune into the needs of your inner child with a deep sense of love and compassion. You may feel especially vulnerable this week, and there is an opportunity to notice how you tend to respond to these emotions. How can you honor and accept yourself, without the need for outside validation? You may also be able to bring awareness and healing to unresolved childhood wounds.
  • Trust in your inspirations and passions as a way of guiding you towards sharing your greatest gifts, in perfect harmony with the world’s need.



Understand the key energetic themes influencing you in 2021 and find out where you have the greatest potential for growth in the new year.

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