Libra Full Moon Notes – Mar 28th, 2021



Breaking free of old perceptions or insecurities

Evaluating how you contribute to your relationships & community

Full Moon Activation Period: Mar 25th – 31st

Full Moon’s illuminate conflicts between conscious and unconscious motivations along a specific polarity axis in the zodiac;

The Libra/Aries Polarity


  • The desire for perfect harmony; idealism
  • The urge to maintain order
  • Longing for connection and belonging
  • Looking outside of self for answers


  • Needs personal freedom
  • Acting on impulses and desires
  • A strong sense of independence
  • Instinctive insight, looking within for truth

The Bigger Picture

Sun in Aries Season – Revelation, realignment and rebirth: the Sun in Aries represents the (re)awakening of your primal nature, the simple truth of who you are. Aries represents impulse and enthusiasm for life.

On the Full Moon, the Sun will also meet up with Chiron, activating and illuminating an ongoing journey to break through the barriers of long-standing insecurities and deeply seeded self-doubt to achieve your higher calling. In this process, you are being invited to release old stories of wounding or disempowerment from the past, realizing how these experiences can actually support you in fulfilling your dharma: your true power and strength.

Grand Trine in Air! – This Full Moon creates a Grand Trine to Mars, the North Node, and Saturn, wow! Air energy rules our intellectual capacity and even brings the potential to activate psychic power.

This energy can be restless with a desire to break free from rigidity. It can also bring feelings of anxiety, the desire to overanalyze and figure things out in the mind while being simultaneously called to trust your impulses and take a chance.

Saturn in Aquarius is activating the archetype of the sacred rebel, questioning the status quo and fighting for reform especially with respect to power dynamics in society and our efforts towards serving the greater good of humanity.

Mars conjunct the North Node represents a calling for radical curiosity and opening to new possibilities. Overcoming the karmic pull of the South Node can involve a willingness to evaluate personal bias and assumptions, or to let go of fear that past disappointments will be repeated.

Fear, volatility and change – The alignment of Saturn square Uranus throughout this year describes powerful energetic volatility and tension. Something very raw, even wild but also authentic and essential, is pushing itself up from the deep unconscious. Openness and adaptability is called for now; the willingness to allow the emerging and necessary evolution even if it brings uncertainty.

Collectively we are being challenged to acknowledge and integrate powerful primal emotions as we move through this unfolding.

Libra Energy & Shadows

Libra is the archetype of the Artist, the Peacemaker and the Team Player.

This energy can help you:

  • Find greater balance in your life
  • Listen, ask questions and recognize other perspectives
  • Cooperate gracefully and create win-win solutions
  • Become more trusting and easy-going

Shadows of Libra Energy:

The Full Moon can stir up many emotions from the unconscious realm and you can tune into these consciously by noticing where fear or need for some kind of security are taking hold. The opposition energy of the Full Moon creates a powerful tension; a sense of urgency or even crisis. Awareness is the key to stepping outside of the intensity in order to recognize something in yourself that’s needing attention, understanding and compassion.

Bringing awareness to one of these triggers can serve as a starting point for deeper exploration into your personal story.

  • Perfectionism
  • Indecisiveness
  • Suppressing your needs to avoid conflict
  • Too much focus outside of yourself

Meditation/Journal Prompts

  • Do I make myself ‘small’ to make others more comfortable? What do I need to communicate more clearly in my relationships? What needs to shift for me to feel greater freedom?
  • How can I offer the best of myself to the world?
  • How can I be more open to change by considering new opportunities?
  • Where have I been afraid to show confidence or strength? What beliefs are holding me back, and how do I know they are really true?
  • What messages arise when I tune in to my body’s deep instinctive wisdom?

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