Scorpio Full Moon Notes – April 26th, 2021


Primal Emotions

Acknowledging a Difficult Reality

Rebirth / Shifting How You See Yourself

Full Moon Activation Period: Apr 23rd – 29th

The Bigger Picture

Eclipse Season Underway – This Full Moon is more potent than usual, with greater potential for life changing events, turning points, shifts in relationships, unexpected surprises, and new opportunities.

Activations of Uranus in Taurus – These activations call you to allow for uncertainty, noticing where you may be resisting a necessary change in your life. You’re being challenged to cultivate a deeper sense of faith in yourself. You may have to confront fears around loss or taking certain risks, fears of failure, or success. Uranus in Taurus calls you to reaffirm your sense of self worth and core values.

Squares to Saturn – These activations allow you the opportunity to overcome a perception of disempowerment and take greater control of your circumstances. You may need to acknowledge a new level of responsibility now. You may also need to let go of impatience or the need for immediate results, instead making a commitment to the ‘long haul’. Saturn calls for sustained commitment, discipline and focus.

Meditation/Journal Prompts

  • What is my mantra for remembering to persevere and have faith in myself, despite my current challenges?
  • Where have I been holding on to anger for too long? How can I focus more on forgiveness, even if it means forgiving myself?
  • Where do I need to take a risk or open myself to uncertainty in order to move through a necessary change?
  • Where do I need to take on greater responsibility, show more consistency and/or discipline in order to achieve my long-term vision?

Scorpio Energy & Shadows

Scorpio is the archetype of the Lord of the Underworld, the Detective and the Alchemist.

Scorpio vibes can help you:

  • Realize hidden potential within yourself
  • Heal emotional wounds from the past / forgive past betrayals
  • Access intuition, passion and creativity
  • Open yourself to radical honesty and deeper levels of intimacy
  • Move out of your comfort zone by taking greater risks

Shadows of Scorpio Energy:

The Full Moon can stir up many emotions from the unconscious realm and you can tune into these consciously by noticing where fear or need for some kind of security are taking hold. The opposition energy of the Full Moon creates a powerful tension; a sense of urgency or even crisis. Awareness is the key to stepping outside of the intensity in order to recognize something in yourself that’s needing attention, understanding and compassion.

Bringing awareness to one of these triggers can serve as a starting point for deeper exploration into your personal story.

  • Anger or rage
  • Feeling utterly disempowered; falling into a victim mentality
  • Dark cynicism, lack of faith in relationships, paralyzing fears of being hurt again
  • Abuse of power

The Scorpio/Taurus Polarity


  • Seeks intimacy, emotional bonds
  • Intuitive, takes risks
  • Can be haunted by the past
  • Relies on relationships


  • Seeks physical comforts, luxury, security
  • Cautious, acts on certainties
  • Focused on the present & future
  • Strong investment in self

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