Jupiter in Pisces May 2021 – December 2022


Questing for deeper meaning.

Heightened intuition.

Healing the psyche.

Jupiter in Pisces represents the opportunity to grow and evolve through a deepened connection with Spirit.

Mystical Pisces exists almost purely on the level of emotion and intuition. This energy brings awareness to our collective oneness and can open you to a deeper sense of love and compassion for all humankind.

This archetype represents the dream world, prophecy, and imagination – the ability to ‘see’ both what has been and what will eventually come to pass. Poetry, music and abstract art express the language of Pisces.

Jupiter’s influence will both amplify and exaggerate Piscean expressions. It will also illuminate wherever your relationship with this energy needs balance or healing. Read more below;

Bring me a Higher Love

Pisces is the sign of Agape and Bhakti – the highest and purest forms of love. This is not the love of any particular object, but rather an unconditional love of all humanity, or more simply, the love of love itself. It’s expressed through prayer and empathy – literally feeling with others in their joy and suffering. This is also the energy of radical acceptance. It gives generously from the heart and derives bliss from acts of selflessness.

Illuminating the Unconscious

Pisces rules the secret recesses of the psyche – your ‘shadow self’. This is the realm of powerful emotions that may never have been put into words, or are yet to be fully explored by the conscious self. Pisces also represents emotions and memories stored in your body or passed generationally in your DNA.

As Jupiter opens your awareness to these recesses, you may become overwhelmed by haunting memories or powerful feelings that simply cannot be put into words. Although this can be uncomfortable, it’s important to know that Jupiter is likely triggering a healing process. Jupiter is a catalyst for transformation: this energy naturally raises your awareness to that which is ready to be examined and addressed.

Pisces rules the healing of unconscious wounds and family, or ancestral, trauma. This is an incredibly powerful energy that can guide you into a process of exploring, uncovering and revealing new understanding. In working through this process, you will also need patience, compassion and support from trusted guides. This work calls for courage and the willingness to feel into the depths of life’s most powerful and profound emotions.

Connecting with the Divine Realm

Jupiter in Pisces creates a powerful portal of connection to supernatural realms, with the ability to access new insights through the third-eye and crown chakras. These are energy centers of the subtle body, associated with higher wisdom, intuition and the divine realm.

Jupiter will amplify the potential to receive downloads from higher planes of existence, in a BIG way. However, as your mind and body attempt to process these high-frequency vibrations, it’s going to be super important to take extra care of your physical health and wellbeing. You will likely be more sensitive than usual to the energy of other people and may benefit from energetic clearing practices as a form of spiritual hygiene. At the same time, under the right conditions, moderate doses of psychedelics may serve to open your receptivity even further.

Pisces is the most profound and mysterious energy in the zodiac. It’s the doorway to our collective consciousness – a proverbial ocean of awareness created by the echoes of all life that ever was, and ever will be, in every incarnation. There’s a pull with this energy that can feel almost hypnotic.

The dreamy world of Pisces can certainly feel like ecstasy at times, while at others, like a haunting nightmare. You may lose all sense of time, getting lost or stuck in the feeling realm without even realizing. Ruled by Neptune, the mythical God of the Sea, Pisces is the depth of your most profound and unexplainable emotions, regrets and fears. These vibes are often extremely overwhelming.

Heavier expressions of this transit can manifest as periods of extreme melancholy or a sense of helplessness at the suffering of the world. Also, very naturally, the urge to numb out or escape.

In the depths of Pisces energy, we lose our sense of individuality and this is often what needs to be reframed in order to bring our experience back into balance. Notice also where you are pouring out your energy and not holding healthy boundaries for yourself.

For further guidance on working with Pisces energy, understanding your personal relationship with this archetype and ways to alchemize your expressions to higher vibrations, consider booking a private session.

Jupiter in Pisces – Timing

May 13, 2021 – July 28, 2021

Dec 29, 2021 – May 10, 2022

Oct 28, 2022 – Dec 20, 2022