Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius Notes – May 26th, 2021


Radical Honesty (with Yourself)

Cultivating Humility

Turning Points

Full Moon Activation Period: May 23rd – 29th

The Bigger Picture

Eclipse Season – The current eclipse season runs from April-July 2021 and eclipses intensify the energies of all other astrological influences currently in play, wow! They can manifest as extreme tension, turning points, shifts in relationships or the beginning of new chapters. Circumstances will often arise to align you with your life’s purpose, sometimes in unexpected ways.

Activations of Saturn in Aquarius – Signals the dismantling of self-limiting beliefs. This energy has to do with lifting a ‘veil of illusion’ in terms of how you see the world, your relationships and/or yourself. Further insights can come from understanding how this energy is activating your personal natal chart. You may need to consciously take a step back and put ‘hot’ emotions (like pride) into perspective.

It’s time for new expressions of creativity and innovation. On the collective level, this energy represents a calling to tackle the world’s problems in radical new ways. On a personal level there is a calling for self-acceptance, and the willingness to speak up, ask questions, and share your perspective even if it seems unconventional.

Activations of Jupiter in Pisces – Pisces rules the unconscious psyche, and this energy is representing something that needs to be released or seen more clearly. You may need to acknowledge some truth that, up until this point, you’ve been spending a certain degree of energy trying to avoid or suppress. You may also need to let go of an idea you are holding onto of yourself in order to create space for greater authenticity.

Notice how you have been coping with stress, because there’s also a powerful opportunity to release unhealthy habits, or unhealthy ways of being in relationships. This activation is bringing awareness to your relationship with spirit, with a newfound sense of trust.

Meditation/Journal Prompts

  • What is really important to me and how do I embody that in my actions?
  • What is my touchstone for courageous love?
  • What needs to change now in my world, and how can I accept that more readily?
  • Can I ask more questions and listen more, without judgement?


“I listen for the truth.”

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