Weekly Astro Flowcast – May 23rd-29th, 2021 (Video)

Tune in for guidance on flowing with the energies of each week’s top astrological events, in combination with key activations of the Moon. Flow with confidence rooted in awareness.

Top Astrological Influences for this week:

  • The Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, with a square to Jupiter in Pisces
  • Incongruent aspect of the South Node in Sagittarius to Uranus in Taurus
  • Saturn & Mercury going Retrograde

Lindsey DePeri-Franz works with clients around the world as an archetypal evolutionary astrologer, with a background in coaching and personal development. Lindsey’s goal is to support her clients in navigating key life passages, while tuning into a deepened sense of soul-purpose and empowerment.

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