‘Mini’ Astrology Reading: Mercury Retrograde Spring 2020 *Special Offer Ends Jun 5th!*

Mercury Retrograde expresses a feminine quality that calls you to allow, nurture and receive.

Retrogrades have always fascinated me as an astrologer and my goal is to assist you in navigating these energies with grace.

This is a great opportunity to work with me at a lower cost to see if we might be a match to work together more extensively in the future.



– Personalized guidance for navigating Mercury retrograde energies, based on YOUR natal chart activations.

– Tips for navigating certain frustrations coming up in recent weeks.

– Key expressions to embrace, or avoid!

– Important dates to keep in mind.

I will request some personal info prior to the reading and you will have an opportunity to ask a question.

The ‘mini’ reading will address your question, while discussing the influences of Mercury Retrograde in your natal & transit charts.

Delivery will be within 3-4 days, and all requests must be received by Jun 5th

Exchange: $45

Still Wondering What to Expect?

My astrology readings are fun, insightful and compassionate!

ALL readings are 100% personalized. You will not receive any assessment that is generated by software. Each reading is customized based on your unique information and your specific questions.  These ‘mini’ readings include a personalized private audio recording and a copy of your astrological natal and transit charts.

My approach to giving readings as a customized (Mp3) recording means that you do not need to schedule a specific time and day with me to receive your reading.  You can also re-listen to your reading as many times as you like down the road.

Your personalized recording is private and is sent only to you, however after you receive your reading you may share it with anyone you wish.

Still not sure?  Check out the testimonials shared by previous clients like you!

Feel free to email me directly with any questions about receiving a reading.

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