Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini – A Portal for New Beginnings + Reflections on the Energy of 2021

Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse:

Thursday, June 10th,

Energetic Themes

  • Dismantling unconscious biases / filters
  • Celebrating recent growth
  • Gaining confidence / overcoming self-doubt
  • Bringing focus to deeply held aspirations
  • Unexpected miracles


This Solar Eclipse calls us to discover new opportunities by shifting our perspective. The exact meetup with Mercury retrograde describes a profound period of awakening being initiated throughout the collective, wow!

In combination with the activation of Jupiter in Pisces, this energy can strengthen your ability to access powerful intuitive wisdom. It may also bring deeper awareness to your soul purpose.

The next 5 months represent learning to trust your inner knowing, gaining greater self-confidence and the journey to overcome old feelings of insecurity. Tune into this energy by taking a moment to celebrate your personal successes and triumphs during the first half of the year, large and ‘small!’.

Gemini energy is playful, fun-loving and curious. The North Node in this sign represents a calling throughout 2021 to keep your heart and mind open to new possibilities. You’re also being challenged to examine unchecked assumptions and/or prejudices that might be closing you off to valuable opportunities.

A square activation between Saturn & Uranus brings additional intensity to this New Moon Eclipse, as it’s one of the most significant evolutionary activations in 2021. These are rare alignments of the outer planets which trigger ‘defining moments’ and important cycles of growth.

Leaning into the high vibrations of this transit involves having a sense of courage and a willingness to break away from arbitrary traditions, as well as a sense of self-discipline and discernment.

The Saturn/Uranus activation is also challenging us to tackle more and more complex problems in our modern society. It describes the growing need to embrace a new set of values and ideals around equality, leadership and our relationship with Mother Earth.

Tuning into the highest vibrations of Gemini can bring lightheartedness, creativity, adaptability and resilience. You can use this energy to reframe fears of uncertainty by cultivating a newfound sense of delight in the process of discovery.

Affirmations for this Lunar Cycle:

Jun 10th – New Moon in Gemini

“I curiously explore new perspectives.”

Jun 17th – Waxing Quarter Moon in Virgo

“I honor my needs.”

Jun 24th – Full Moon in Capricorn

“I stand for love.”

Jul 1st – Waning Quarter Moon in Aries

“I surrender self-doubt.”

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