Capricorn Full Moon Reflections – 6.24.2021

Wishing you smooth passage, grace and a sense of grounding through this week’s Capricorn Full Moon. Balancing the opposition between Capricorn and Cancer vibes now can involve bringing awareness to matters of the heart vs. ambition, or tendencies towards rigidity vs. the flow of resilience and trust in the unseen. Releasing the pressure of unrealistic expectations. Letting go of the need to gain approval from others.

As Mars in Leo forms an uncomfortable aspect to this Full Moon, there’s a calling to tame hot, ego-driven urges, or pride. And Mercury’s fading, although still relevant, retrograde vibes are a reminder to keep your pace gentle. Don’t get hung up on any specific plans for the future for at least another week.

Let go of harsh judgements, pessimism or any fears of not being, having or doing enough. Instead take a moment to indulge in whimsy, laughter and a curious sense of wonder. Take yourself out of auto-pilot routines and shift gears. Discover something new. Balancing the energy of this Full Moon can involve investing in simple pleasures, self-nurturing, enjoying the peacefulness of time alone if it calls you, or perhaps in the company of cherished loved ones. The key is to keep it easy.

Create a temporary refuge from the stresses of modern life. As the Italians say, ‘dolce far niente‘ => the art of doing nothing.

A watery trine between the Sun and Jupiter now calls for attention to relationship matters and the surfacing of certain soul truths as a pathway to newfound freedom. Speak the language of the heart now; the language of love.

On a more personal note, I have been blessed to be spending the last 10 days so sweetly in the company of dear family and friends. Taking some time away from clocks, deadlines and computers. So very grateful to have had such joyful moments over the last while; so much healing and nurturing of the heart. I look forward to returning home to Colorado and to a more regular work schedule next week.

Sending love to you all 💛🙏

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