Mercury Retrograde in Libra – Fall 2021


Yin energy. The Divine Feminine principle. Taking time to rest, reset and replenish. Going inward. Making peace with what’s come to pass.

This energy often triggers tech breakdowns, miscommunication, unexpected delays and the like. Flow with grace by cultivating patience and letting go of rigid expectations. This is not a time to force anything. Practice being easy with yourself and others.

The activation of Libra this fall can support reaching new levels of understanding in relationships. Listen and create space to see things from your partner’s point of view.

Postpone making long-term plans and/or financial commitments until early November. Indulge in self-care. Welcome spontaneity. Leave room for unexpected miracles.

Five Reasons to be Grateful for Mercury Retrograde:

1) Gives you permission to slow down and practice self-care.

2) A chance to clean up, re-organize and de-clutter as you transition into the fall season.

3) Invites you to nurture your personal relationships.

4) Great for honing your intuitive senses.

5) A sacred pause; invites you to take a step back, reflect and gain perspective.

Illuminating Mercury in Libra

This fall’s Mercury retrograde, in the sign of Libra, represents the opportunity for growth communication and personal boundaries in relationships. It can also be an opportunity to gain perspective and dissolve overly idealistic thinking.

Libra in your birth chart indicates where you seek beauty, harmony and balance in life, but there is also a caution now to become aware of ‘complacency’. Might the desire for outer peace be creating distress or anxiety within? Is a fear of rocking the proverbial boat holding you back from chasing a higher calling?

During Mercury retrograde, we may become more aware of a shadow expression that’s holding us back from our greatest potential. Pay attention to;

– Indecisiveness / lack of commitment
– Fear of confrontation / ‘going along to get along’
– Avoiding the root cause of important issues
– Giving away too much in order to ‘keep the peace’
– Fears around being alone

With SEVEN planets in retrograde this October (WOW!), there is a profound calling for introspection, and even deep inner (shadow) work, to integrate and align with the soul’s true nature. These processes open us to new levels of self-awareness, wisdom and self-mastery.

Meditation / Journal Prompts for this Mercury Retrograde in Libra

  • What aspect of my life needs to be re-organized, re-evaluated or de-cluttered? Where is there stagnant energy that needs to be shifted?
  • Am I holding healthy boundaries for myself in my relationships, and in my career? 
  • Is there some unspoken truth which needs to be aired out?
  • Is indecision or fear of change holding me back from ‘fighting the good fight’, or pursuing greater fulfillment? 

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