Aries Full Moon Navigation – 10.20.2021

Aries Full Moon

At the heart of the Aries archetype is the impulse towards action and assertion, energy, passion, and urges to protect oneself in times of danger.

Key Activations

Conjunct Dark Goddess Eris, and opposing Mars

Eek! This intense opposition represents rivalries and power struggles. You may become aware of a grievance you’ve been carrying unconsciously for some time.

Take notice of insecurities and any defensiveness or jealousy that arises, as these are expressions of the Dark Goddess in her wounded form. The calling now is to explore and heal these feelings within us.

As you tune in with self-compassion, assess what is needed now. It may be courage; voicing of a truth and standing in your power. Or, it may be a softening of your defenses; listening to gain new understanding and learning to trust. 

Hard aspect to Pluto in Capricorn

Capricorn rules your sense of tradition (is this important to you?) as well as the desire to maintain a certain reputation in others’ eyes (how do you feel you want or need to be regarded?)

Pluto’s t-square to the Full Moon represents tensions with authority figures (could be parents), feelings of being caught up in the past, or burdened by the weight of expectations.

Overall, this activation calls you to notice what is holding you back from true ‘freedom’ of expression. You may also need to break free of self-limiting beliefs.

Sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius

An idealistic energy which heightens the need for personal freedom. Jupiter in Aquarius can bring you courage to speak up and take bold action. This energy also guides you to overcome feelings of alienation or ‘not belonging’. 

Energetic Themes 

* Recognizing what you really need in your relationships. Honest communication.

* Finding common ground, listening and opening to newfound trust.

* Releasing feelings of deep-seated anger, bitterness, jealousy or resentment so that they no longer have a hold on you.

* Reframing negative self-talk.

* Acknowledging primal desires.

Meditation Prompts 

* Are my own expectations for myself creating undue stress? What am I trying to prove, and to whom? 

* How can I accept myself more fully now? What gifts or strengths have I not been giving myself credit for lately?

* What do I need in my relationships? Have I been communicating openly and honestly? What still needs to be aired out?

* Who or what am I angry at? Where is forgiveness needed now to help dissolve a burden I have been carrying for too long?

* What do I really need in order to feel strong and self-reliant now, without being at war with others?

Private Consultations & Ongoing Guidance

Your experience of life is profoundly unique, with its own tension points and subtle nuance. The story of your chart is the key to unlocking your personal growth and healing.

Book a private reading to explore your personal astrology, essential archetypes, unique gifts, personal hero’s journey, pathways to greatest fulfillment, and navigational guidance.

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