Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Navigation & Meditation Prompts – 11.19.2021

This Full Moon Eclipse brings us to the peak of the Scorpio season, a time when you are invited to uncover deeper layers of truth within yourself and the world around you. This Eclipse challenges you to go beyond your comfort zone to face difficult truths.

You will also have the opportunity to release inhibitions which have been holding you back – self-doubt, feelings of helplessness or a fear of being defined by perceived ‘failures’ in your past.

This Lunar Eclipse will trine Pluto in Capricorn, surfacing issues around power, control, integrity and respectability. On a personal level, you’ll be called to bring awareness to unhealthy power dynamics, which can be extremely subtle. You may also need to explore your feelings around self-worth.

Consider the forces of ‘power’ in your life. Where is there greater need for individuality, truth, and freedom? How do you express your personal power as a leader, a parent, or even a romantic partner? Who or what in your life makes you feel powerless and how do you respond to those feelings?

Pluto in Capricorn has been aggravating and upsetting power dynamics in our world for over a decade now. This activation has been illuminating corrupt power structures and authority figures; the subtle forces of systematic oppression, patriarchy and racism. As a collective, we are examining our sense of integrity: our role models and what they stand for; our core values and how we uphold them. This reckoning has coincided with America’s ‘Pluto Return’ and the Lunar Eclipse brings us into a new chapter of this journey. It calls us to consider what we are really fighting for – is it the preservation of old ways, or the establishment of something new?

This Full Moon Eclipse asks you to consider what your actions and decisions are really building towards. Have you been more focused on short or long-term outcomes? What is sustainable? As the North Node begins its transition into the sign of Taurus, this Lunar Eclipse asks us to consider how we can create greater harmony with each other and, especially with our great Mother Earth. This relationship is in great need of repair.

Taurus rules your sense of stability, but what does that mean for you on a personal level? What makes you feel secure and safe?  Is it a relationship, a job, a hefty savings account? Or, perhaps you do not feel safe at all. What does a fear of scarcity feel like in your body? How comfortable are you with taking risks, or on the other hand, what are you truly afraid to lose? The key to this self-inquiry is to consider how these fears may be shaping your life and your decisions. This Taurus Full Moon is testing your faith. It’s calling you to let go of relying on outside sources of fulfillment, as these can change or fall away at any moment. This Full Moon is calling you to find your center, your own source of grounding and security, deep within.

Ultimately, there is a calling to shift your perspective; to find peace where you would otherwise find chaos.

Finally, a yod aspect involving Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Capricorn (in her pre-retrograde shadow) points to Lilith in Gemini. This aspect describes a caution. If we grasp at lofty ambitions or hold onto rigid expectations for the future, or if we brood too intensely on the past from a place of deep scorn and anger, we risk spinning completely out of control. We must accept and recognize how our world is shifting. You may also need to move through a process of grief, and forgiveness.

Above all this Lunar Eclipse asks us to step outside of our day-to-day drama and consider what is being asked of us in the bigger picture. We must re-examine what we might believe we are entitled to, and consider where we are being asked to serve.

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