Key Messages of Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius + Meditation & Ritual Practice – December 2021

The days leading up to this New Moon Eclipse are going to be one of the most powerful times for release of the whole year. Use this activation to space for fresh new energy and opportunities in alignment with your dharma to come your way in 2022.

Scroll down for a guided meditation and ritual practice at the end of this article.

Key Messages of the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Release to Renew

The Soul knows what it wants to clear, but there is often resistance in the emotional or mental body. This is a valuable time for shadow work which can help you clear karmic clutter, including unprocessed resentment, self-limiting beliefs or even intense grief that wants to move up and out of you now. Over time, holding on to these energies creates a feeling of being frustrated or stuck.

This Eclipse brings you to the final chapter of a growth process that’s been unfolding for the last 16 months. During this time, you’ve been challenged to bring awareness to certain attitudes, or unconscious filters that no longer serve you. You’ve been asked to reset your biases, and return to a beginner’s mind. Where might you be carrying a pre-judgement, a prejudice, that’s blocking your ability to see Truth?

What is the Shift in Perspective that’s Finally Needed to Set Yourself Free?

You’ve been invited to open your mind and heart now to new ideas and a shift in perspective. In some cases, that may have involved needing to appreciate greater ambiguity and shades of gray, surrendering a level comfort that comes from binaries such as good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, or black vs. white. Where has the Truth become lost in oversimplification?

If there has been resistance to making a shift, you may be feeling anxious, angry or disconnected. This is a signal to soften rigidity. Where do you need to let go of what you think you know?

This Eclipse represents a move towards subjectivity, flexibility and the celebration of uncertainty as an opportunity to learn something new. You’ve been invited to dance in the realm of the unknown so that you may rediscover something you’ve forgotten about yourself and the nature of life.

Allow for Uncertainty

There is a calling for openness as a guiding principle, which may involve cultivating greater tolerance for others’ perspectives. It may also involve seeing yourself differently – considering your potential in a way you never have before. Stay curious.

You Cannot Stay in One Place

There is an adventure before you that you will never even embark on if you do not take the first step. The outcome is growth, healing and greater alignment with the truth of who you are. This is the great calling of Saturn in Aquarius, which has been in tension with Uranus, the agent of change, throughout 2021. Its calling you to take the next step, or perhaps leap, in your great Hero’s Journey and that’s going to involve shifting out of your comfort zone. Saturn makes a sextile to this New Moon Eclipse while Jupiter, forming a square to both Mars and the Lunar Nodes, also reinforces this message.

It’s Time to Reconnect with the Divine Feminine

This Eclipse, with a tense activation of Eris, calls for greater awareness of how competitiveness and greed lead to a focus on the ‘small self’ and distract from what’s critically important to human society as a whole. Over the next 5 months, it will encourage you to look within and work to heal your own deeply held wounding around rejection, neglect or abandonment.

The Solar Eclipse also you to tune into your desire nature. How do your ambitions serve you? What does a certain luxury item, relationship, or particular status in society really represent for you at a core level?

Venus’ activation by Pluto asks you to humbly explore your motivations around what you desire. Some of these may even be unconscious at first. As Venus shifts into retrograde this December, your inner work over the coming months will involve reflecting on how you can shift your mindset to create a greater sense of enough-ness from within.

The square between Venus (energized by Pluto) and Eris triggers a deep and profound questioning of how society regards femininity and womanhood. It represents the challenging of ideals that have been shaped over centuries by power structures, such as patriarchy. It may awaken rage and hot debate or controversy around this topic within the collective.  

These activations are bringing forth the renewal of the Divine Feminine principle through a rebalancing of power dynamics. On a personal level, healing wounds around self-worth leads to more honest communication, healthier boundaries, newfound understanding, empathy and mutual respect.

Jupiter on the cusp to Pisces and square to Mars in Scorpio, and the South Node, amplifies the power of this message. This energy asks you to consider how you can embody the highest vibrations of love, generosity, and gratitude as you move forward. It is guiding you to release any bitterness or feelings of resentment that have been holding you back.

Solar Eclipse Meditation and Ritual Practice

Create a quiet, uncluttered space in your home to sit and reflect. Have two candles, a journal or paper and something to write with nearby. Smudge with sage or ring a bowl or bell to clear the energy in the space. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to settle into the here and now.

Light the first candle to invoke the energy of the Moon Goddess. Write down all that you are ready to release – including beliefs, fears, grievances, or anything else that comes up. Notice the emotions and sensations that arise up in your body as you name these and ask the universe to support you in becoming free of these burdens. Imagine them becoming lighter, and then lighter again, rising up and finally separating from your energy body. If you notice resistance to what you’re trying to release, imagine the hand of Spirit arriving to lift the burdens away, creating new feelings of freedom and lightness in your being.

Light the second candle to represent renewal and new beginnings. On a second piece of paper, write down what you are most grateful for. Close your eyes and take a moment to reflect on these, noticing where gratitude shows up in your body. Feel yourself surrounded by love and compassion, nurtured by Spirit. Ask for support for your highest good and all that you are working towards. Imagine a jewel of support and protection being placed in the very center of your heart. You will carry this gift with you always. Continue to send waves gratitude out in all directions. When you’re ready to open your eyes, you may write down any reflections or messages that are coming to you.

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