Full Moon in Gemini: Navigating with Grace – 12.18.2021


Openness to Change / Releasing Expectations

Willingness to Trust in the Unseen

Exploring Core Values

Gemini New Moon Navigation

Over the last 17 months, there has been a calling to shift your perspective – to question your ‘default assumptions’. You’ve been challenged to let go of expectations so that you may stay flexible and adaptable during uncertain times. More and more, you’re learning to confront the unexpected with a sense of courage, strength and confidence.

The North Node in Gemini has been asking you to cultivate newfound openness, lightheartedness, and self-reliance. Can you find a way to surrender to the unknown with more trust, curiosity and faith? Consider what you have needed to let go of over the last year and a half, and whether these changes have also created new opportunities. Where has there been a silver lining, even during times of disappointment? What have you learned about yourself?

Saturn square Uranus throughout 2021, and reaching its third and final peak with this Full Moon, has asked you to be patient, alert and discerning. It’s challenged you to learn a valuable lesson through intense frustration or overcome setbacks by cultivating greater commitment and self-discipline.

You’re being challenged to become stronger, wiser, more independent, more courageous and more accepting of yourself.

There is so much energy around change now, which can feel like destruction or loss. But it’s even more important to consider what is emerging. What manifestations are your thoughts, words and decisions contributing towards? Are they aligned with your ultimate ideals? Do they serve the greater good, or will they perpetuate further destruction? You have incredible power to influence the world around you and this Venus retrograde season is awakening your awareness of this power. It is also challenging you to let go of unnecessary competition rooted in fears of scarcity.

As we navigate the next several months, there continues to be a calling for openness, but also balance and grounding. Discernment is the ability to make good judgments, aligned with your core values, and independent of the ‘main stream’ views when needed. Jupiter’s square to the Lunar Nodes now points to the need to stand up for your personal truth, even when it seems unconventional or unpopular at the time. It may be incredibly important to play the voice of reason, to ask questions or engage in healthy debate.

Finally, this Full Moon, with an activation of both Gemini and Cancer energy, represents a purification of the heart. As Jupiter shifts into Pisces at the end of the month, there is a calling for forgiveness, radical acceptance and tolerance. Let go of old grudges or the urge to settle an old score, as this keeps you held in the past and reinforces a victim mentality. How can you align more fully with your own heart wisdom?

Meditation/Journal Prompts

  • Looking back over the last year and a half, where has has there been a silver lining, even during times of disappointment? What have I learned about myself? What am I proud of?
  • What is most important to me in my relationships with others? What core values must be upheld? What truth needs to be spoken now?
  • How can I support those I care about to express themselves more authentically?
  • Who am I competing with, and why? How can I feel a greater sense of wholeness and self-wroth without needing to compete with others?
  • How can I create more freedom from my past through forgiveness?


“Curiosity keeps me humble and open to unseen possibilities.”