Opening to 2022 – Exploring the New Year’s Birth Chart

Just like a solar return, the birth chart of each new year describes the mood, challenges and evolutionary themes we’ll be facing as a collective over the next 12 months. Here are my reflections on the main astrological activations in play as we open to 2022.

Remember that each activation contains a potential, which may present you with an opportunity, a caution, or both. I have done my best to touch on each of these potentials below;

Moon conjunct Mars in Sagittarius – Overflowing enthusiasm for life, joy, the quest for adventure. Spiritual awakening and heightened intuition. Passion shifting into anger and hot debate; righteousness. Dramatic action, bold decisions, heated confrontations, risk-taking, recklessness. Fighting for freedom and independence. The calling to be open to new ideas and perspectives.

Sun in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus – The calling for a radical shift in perspective. Seeing and valuing oneself in a new light. Newfound inspiration and courage. Finding one’s voice. Grounding into spiritual beliefs and a sense of faith. Cultivating trust and resilience despite uncertainty.

Saturn in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries – The struggle to overcome self-doubt. Discovering one’s strength. Finding the courage to take action. A journey to greater self-acceptance.

Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus – Continued frustration and tension with authority figures. Resistance to change and new ways of thinking. The need for structure and discipline through times of radical transformation. A caution against recklessness. A call to prioritize the ‘big picture’ issues we face as a collective.

Waning Moon + Square to Neptune in Pisces – Observation and reflection, without attachment. A tension between willfulness and surrender. Intense desires, leading to frustration. A time to gain clarity by letting go of resistance. Acceptance of mystery and mysticism. Trusting in the unseen. Letting go of expectations.  


2022 is a year of continued change, with the continued calling to let go of the ‘old ways’. Our norms around leadership and governance are continuing to shift, with hot debate and conflict over the desire for authoritarianism vs. democratic rule (Pluto in Capricorn, shifting into Aquarius). A growing sense of uncertainty in the face of change leads some to cling to old structures, and seek comfort in the the protection of a strong patriarchal leader. But the astrology of 2022 represents a tipping point, where the impetus for change becomes harder and harder to ignore (Saturn square Uranus).

The astrology of 2022 describes the emergence of new voices of leadership, coming, in cases, from the most unexpected places. There is a calling for new ways of thinking and new ways of organizing ourselves to solve the world’s modern problems. But even more importantly, is the calling to recognize the bigger picture and the reality of the challenges we face as a collective.

On a personal level, we must each recognize our attachments to the old paradigm; the forces of consumerism which serve to keep us focused on individual gain and stuck in limiting structures of competition vs. cooperation. There is a growing need for awareness of the role we play in the grand scheme, including how we either use or yield our personal power (Venus retrograde in Capricorn). Now more than ever, the trajectory of our evolution relies on each of us as individuals using our voices, standing up for our ideals, and believing in the power of our agency (Saturn in Aquarius, sextile Chiron).

As Pluto shifts into Aquarius, we must take a step back and observe who we are as a collective. What are the characteristics of human civilization, and is this who we really want to be?

Day-to-day, do our actions contribute to the preservation of an old broken system, or the building of something new (The Aquarian Age)?

The journey on a personal level involves the struggle to overcome self-limiting beliefs which may be rooted in so deep we have forgotten they are not our Truth. There such a powerful calling to let go of the stories that have defined and limited us throughout our past….

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