2022 Navigation Guidance for Each Sign


Questioning the ‘big picture’ and cultivating awareness beyond the physical realm. Engaging with the spirit world. Exploring the unconscious realm and long forgotten memories. Vivid dreams and visions of the future. Realigning with your core desires, passions and a sense of purpose. Evaluation of personal ethics and morals. Greater awareness of yourself and your true values. Accessing deeper compassion and releasing guilt, or resentment. Reconnecting with what inspires you and builder greater self-confidence. Making peace with the past. Standing tall. Asserting personal boundaries and gaining distance from drama in relationships.


Shifting world-view. Learning to transcend materialism. Being nurtured by a deeper connection with Spirit. Aligning with communities and/or organizations that bring deep personal meaning. Overcoming stubbornness or a pessimistic mindset, while at the same time, becoming more principled and idealistic. Accessing your deep compassion and love for all of humanity. Gaining a greater sense of independence and clarity about your gifts. Walking the talk. Remembering who you are. Speaking up and being heard – the courage to be a voice of truth, justice and reform. Letting go of anger and becoming more open-hearted. Being seen in a new light.


Moving out of your comfort zone. Healing from unhealthy relationships and gaining valuable perspective. Learning to trust self and intuitive guidance. Healing the psyche. Moving out of the analytical mind into the simplicity of the heart. A calling to share your feelings more openly. Learning to trust instincts. Cultivating ease. Channeling powerful, sometimes overwhelming, intuitive downloads into expressions of love, generosity and compassion. Guidance, direction and new opportunities related to your place in the world. Aligning ideals with action. Newfound confidence. Creativity. Vivid imagination. Playing with spirit. Getting out of your own way.


Awakening, as if from a dream. Disillusionment and newfound clarity. Gaining objectivity in relationships. Putting emotions into perspective in personal relationships while seeing the bigger picture, beyond personal fulfillments. Feelings of deep empathy for the world’s suffering. Radical surrendering to intuitive guidance. Attracting like-minded individuals when you speak your truth. Righteousness – speaking truth to power. Being called to advocate for justice. Letting go of old stories from the past. A calling for selfless generosity. Connecting with the world as a compassionate healer. Newfound inspiration and purpose. Processing grief. Letting go of the need for control.


An opportunity to deepen bonds of love, intimacy and trust however, there is also the possibility of losing oneself in passion and romance. Beware the temptation to escape into fantasy. The veil of illusion is being lifted allowing you to perceive the people in your life more clearly. Hidden motivations are being revealed. A calling to embody the utmost integrity in everything you do, or else there will be painful consequences. Becoming aware of the deeper layers of your emotions. Learning to communicate more openly. Learning to question your assumptions. Bold impulses and a desire for freedom – beware of recklessness. Sharing your gifts freely for the greater good.


Learning important lessons in personal relationships. The need to communicate and clarify expectations. Seeing yourself more clearly in the eyes of others. Moving away from shallow or superficial interactions. Cultivating confidence and self-acceptance. Seeking clarity around your purpose. Focusing scattered energies. Anger, guilt or resentment may be coming to the surface now as you gain awareness of deep-seated emotions. Becoming mindful of destructive behavior. Developing deeper compassion for yourself and others. Softening judgment. Trusting in your gifts of strength, resourcefulness and resilience. The need for a strong commitment to what’s important to you.


Getting clear about what truly inspires you. Creativity and imagination. Igniting your passions. Setting yourself free. Softening rigidity. Becoming more comfortable with uncertainty. Becoming aware of unhealthy attachments or ‘blind spots’ in your relationships. Forgiveness, healing and new beginnings. New romance, relationships and partnerships, although they may not be exactly what you expect. Becoming more self-reliant. Letting go of inhibition. Having more fun. Aligning with spiritual guides and teachings. Teachers coming into your life again and again. Bravely speaking personal truths. Connecting with your primal desires and impulses. Learning to become more decisive. Cultivating a newfound sense of faith and optimism. Realigning boundaries. Learning to become more discerning about how you spend your time and energy.


Wild creativity. A major shift in perspective and approach. Connecting with the heart’s deepest desires. Putting relationships into perspective. A need for honesty with self and others. Discernment. Discovering hidden truths. Actions revealing unconscious fears. Confronting old wounds, resentments or disappointments. The need to remedy unhealthy habits. Letting go of warring with ghosts. Radical forgiveness of self and others. Mending a broken heart. Boundaries. Self-acceptance. Deep compassion for self and others. Regaining innocence. Finding a way to let others in. Building up self-respect. The arrival of great wisdom. Healing the inner child. Healing relationships between parents and children. Radical rebirth.


Healing old wounds around worthiness. Unlocking the mysteries of the heart, and within family relationships. Letting go of old ‘stories’, or grudges, from the past. Cultivating greater humility. The need to be organized. A turning point. Shifting habits. Finding the path to acceptance. Being held accountable for your words and actions. A calling for objectivity, and consistency. Learning to embody core values. Newfound inspiration, confidence and creative energy. Love, desire and passion. Spontaneity. Playfulness. Regaining ‘mojo’ / sexual healing. New creative pursuits / procreation. Yearning for meaningful connection. The desire to learn, teach, speak and be heard.


Rebirth/Renewal. Remembering what you love most. Accepting change. Making important decisions for yourself. Kindling newfound innocence. Speaking straight from the heart. A new path being revealed. Letting go of rigidity or coldness. A calling to go inward. New projects, centered around your ideals and passions. Softening deep-seated anger or resentments. Healing in relationships. Becoming more compassionate, and less critical. Shifting how you see yourself and the world around you. Letting go of worldly pursuits for a while. Nurturing the inner child. Newfound hope and optimism. Falling in love with yourself. Playfulness. Joyfulness. Creative expression.


Simplifying. Reducing ‘clutter’. Releasing stubbornness. Finding inner stability. Exploring matters of the heart. Riding the waves of emotions and learning to stay present. Remembering what’s important. Channeling powerful intuitive insights. Bringing heart and mind into alignment. Releasing fear of judgement. Expressions of strength and confidence. Trusting your instincts. Learning to speak your truth more freely, without guilt or shame. The courage to influence others with your vision and ideals. Accessing the Sacred Rebel. Gaining greater awareness of personal ideals. Focus on boundaries. Speaking up for your values. Breaking free. Trusting in the unseen. Letting go of the need for certainty.


A calling to conserve energy and go deep within. Increased focus on personal needs. Feeling especially overwhelmed, weak or disconnected from self. A desire to escape. Needing to find grounding in what’s pure and true. Being gentle with yourself. Getting clear on what’s important. A calling to develop healthier habits and boundaries. Feeling drained by certain relationships and ‘drama’ – gaining distance where needed. Letting go of false prophets. Spending more time alone, in nature or near water. Confronting unethical behavior in others. Holding your ground. Building up self-confidence from the inside out. Being challenged to see yourself and the world differently. Cultivating newfound strength and optimism. Asking for guidance from Spirit. Learning to trust in yourself, and in a higher power.