January is a retrograde-y month!

Heads up! This January we’re experiencing the retrograde energies of both Venus and Mercury. These personal planets influence countless aspects of our day-to-day lives.

Retrograde is a feminine energy that calls for ease, fluidity and introspection. These seasons are a time to slow down and let go of worrying about the future. This is a time for ease, gratitude and grace.

Overall, Mercury retrograde tends to slow us down, disrupt our plans, cloud our judgement, and bungle communications. In addition, Venus retrograde often stirs up unresolved issues in relationships, while calling us to become less possessive and materialistic.

Tips for going with the flow? Extra focus on self-care, including a January detox, can be the perfect way to spend the next 4 weeks. This is also a great time to confront and work through challenges in personal relationships with a commitment to honesty and the willingness to forgive. Keywords: patience, receptivity, humility and an open heart.

With these planetary retrogrades in Capricorn (Cardinal Earth) and Aquarius (Fixed Air), some themes coming up in your healing journey may include:

  • Exploring, standing up for, or realigning with your personal ideals and core values
  • Rebelling against a parent, boss or other type of authority figure
  • Breaking free of a stifling relationship (personal or professional)
  • Finding greater courage, conviction and self-acceptance
  • Cultivating a newfound sense of purpose, responsibility and service

Key Dates:

  • Dec 19 – Venus stations retrograde
  • Dec 29 – Mercury retrograde pre-shadow begins
  • Jan 8 – Sun conjunct Venus
  • Jan 14 – Mercury stations retrograde
  • Jan 17 – Cancer Full Moon
  • Jan 23 – Sun conjunct Mercury
  • Jan 29 – Venus direct
  • Feb 3 – Mercury direct

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