Cancer Full Moon Notes – Jan 17, 2022


Nurturing Emotions

Releasing Attachment to Outcome

Evaluating Personal Ethics

The Cancer Full Moon occurs at 3:48pm EST / 1:48pm MST on Monday, January 17th, 2022

January’s Full Moon brings the energetic peak to this season’s Venus and Mercury retrograde vibes. Oye! Emotions can be super charged around a sense of longing or a deep desire for security and safety in relationships. At the same time, consider whether your expectations are realistic, and be willing to examine your need for attachment. Do you or your partner actually need some space now?

The Cancer Full Moon is a great time to tap into a deeper sense of purpose. Create space and permission for play and consider this time an invitation to reconnect with what inspires you. This can also be a time for new understanding in relationships with mothers or mother figures.

As you evaluate your progress towards your goals, really consider where you may need to act with greater discipline or consistency. What habits need to shift to create more support for what you’re trying to accomplish?

Tensions may come to a head with the calling to address deeper-level issues with your partner. Remember to stay open-minded, patient and willing to listen. Notice your words and actions when you feel triggered or defensive – this is not a time to act out of spite, or woundedness, although Venus in her shadow season may tempt you towards some of these lower vibrations. You may need to get a personal truth off your chest now, especially around a core need. Breathe, and allow yourself to be guided by an honest heart.

Full Moon Activations

Sun conjunct Pluto – Trust in your strength and ability to pivot when circumstances require. You may need to re-evaluate your priorities now and consider what truly fulfills you on the level of heart. Don’t be afraid to speak up if needed to adjust expectations in a relationship – that may be exactly what’s needed.

Venus Retrograde square Chiron – Overcoming self-doubt. Courageous acts for the greater good. Examining what you are saying about yourself to yourself and reframing the inner narrative. Becoming more aware of your strength. Being challenged to act with greater integrity. Letting go of materialism. Letting go of dependency on relationships for a sense of worthiness.

Mercury Retrograde square Uranus – A need for objectivity and patience. Going back to complete steps that have been skipped. Letting go of self-judgment.

Neptune trines Moon and square Mars – Passion and romanticism. The grandeur of your dreams must equal the effort, focus and commitment you’re going to put in.

Jupiter square the Lunar Nodes – Confusion, frustration and the desire for answers. Tolerating uncertainty. Let go of harsh judgments and self-criticism. Patience. Trust.

Pluto conjunct Juno and Selena – Rebalancing in relationships. Calling out personal needs that must be honored.

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