Key Messages of Aquarius New Moon – Jan 31st/Feb 1st 2022

As the Moon renews in Aquarius, we’ll still be under the influence of Mercury retrograde + the Venus retrograde post-shadow. These energies are calling you to strengthen your alignment with your guiding inner light or ‘deep self’ – your core values, your life’s passions, and your innermost dreams.

Aquarius is a complex and exciting energy. It invites you to explore your concept of freedom – what does it mean to feel totally uninhibited, raw, honest, and authentic?

Aquarius represents new sources of inspiration, innovation and new ways of thinking. This energy celebrates individuality and the power of diversity. This archetype invites you to honor your unique gifts and recognize any assumptions that may be holding you back. It also represents awakening to the needs of the collective and being called to serve the greater good.

This New Moon is conjunct Saturn, meaning that the next 4 weeks are bringing focus to the areas of your life requiring greater discipline. Saturn’s influence now serves as a reminder that success does not come without dedication, perseverance and a willingness to evolve beyond your comfort zone. Frustration indicates the need to shift your perspective, which may involve reaffirming your commitment to keep showing up.

Aquarius New Moon – Keywords

  • The journey to deeper self-acceptance
  • Getting ‘unstuck’
  • Evaluating relationships – aligning with your ‘tribe’
  • Shifting the rules of the game
  • Returning to what’s essential
  • Rooting to rise

This New Moon asks you to consider who you need to become in order to receive what you deeply desire? What behaviors are needed, or not needed? What kind of personal commitments and boundaries? What thoughts and beliefs? What level of consistency?

Take a moment to really reflect, and then write down the commitments you’re willing to make to yourself now in order to step more fully into your soul’s calling. Ask spirit to support you in these endeavors.

Over the next two weeks, you can revisit this list as a daily meditation. Read each item one-by-one, and take a moment to really feel into each promise.

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