Liberation & Expansion: Jupiter sextile Uranus – Feb 17th, 2022




Lucky Opportunities

A sextile aspect between Jupiter and Uranus on February 17th brings a boost of new energy and vitality. We’ll feel the influence of this transit from early February until mid-March.

Jupiter sextile Uranus represents dramatic breakthroughs on all fronts – physical, emotional and intellectual.

Together, Jupiter and Uranus are an unpredictable force, prompting synchronicities and unexpected twists of fate. There is a sense of restlessness and excitement, with the urge to break free of oppression. A growing awareness of your personal truths give rise to more wholehearted expressions confidence and purpose.

This energy represents a shift in values around what’s really important in your life.

Jupiter in Pisces calls us to transcend the realm of day-to-day routine and elevate our consciousness to a higher level. Meanwhile, Uranus in Taurus calls for a radical shift in perspective. Both represent the development of a deeper connection with Spirit, and surrendering to the unseen. There is an expanding awareness of one’s place in the world, and in the cosmos, coupled with a sense of humility now. The ego softens, and a sense of awe arises at the contemplation of life’s mysteries.

This energy, along with the Leo Full Moon on February 16th may trigger radical shifts in perspective – new and possibly wild or unconventional ideas. There’s also an opportunity to see yourself in a new light, with the ability to evolve beyond self-limiting narratives. A newfound sense of ease and spaciousness; the experience of being freed from the past; relief, trust and peace.

Notice any differences in how you are thinking about yourself and how you tell your personal story.

This energy can bring an outpouring of divine inspiration and the experience of profound healing You’re being invited to re-awaken to your mystical relationship with nature, your ancestors and all living beings. There is also a calling for courage – the resolve to meet uncertainty with a sense of faith, resilience and acceptance.

In society, there is an openness to new ideas within the collective and a calling to dismantle outmoded structures and ideologies. Honesty and idealism are a focus.

Shadows of this transit will trigger feelings of overwhelm. Pisces rules the unconscious realm where you may find yourself temporarily bogged down by a veil of debilitating helplessness. Be mindful of the urge to escape or numb out through mindless consumption.

This activation may prompt aggression (equally likely to show up as passive-aggression), greedy scheming or even destructive behavior. All of this is rooted in the ego’s fears of surrendering to a higher power. There may be a battle of wills, rooted in stubbornness and pride.

Harnessing the power of the Jupiter/Uranus sextile comes from your willingness to surrender your vulnerabilities to a higher power and trust that you are being supported to pursue your life’s purpose.

The calling of this transit is to embrace new ways of being, and lean bravely into your next chapter of transformation.

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