Leo Full Moon Reflections – February 16, 2022


Generosity, Passion & Creativity

Self-Mastery / Radical Self-Acceptance

Revealing ‘Blind Spots’

Accepting Uncertainty

There is so much going on with Wednesday’s Leo Full Moon! This lunation is super-charged with a powerful but tense ‘Grand Cross’ activation, a Moon-Eris trine, a rare alignment of Venus and Mars trining Uranus, plus Jupiter’s ongoing sextile to Uranus reaching its peak.

Overall, February’s astrology describes a ‘crossover’ from the residual energies of 2021 to the new energies of 2022. How willing are you to step out of your comfort zone?

This month represents the beginning of a new chapter in your personal development journey and a newfound awareness of the ‘space’ you are being invited to grow into.

Over the last several months, we’ve experienced overlapping Venus and Mercury retrograde cycles, and these seasons are in their closing chapters through the end of this month. During this time, I have guided you to focus your intentions on how you want to feel going forward, rather than what you want to acquire.

What needs to shift for you to feel a greater sense of purpose and peace? For some of us, this really involves the willingness to allow for uncertainty.

The Full Moon in Leo represents passion and generosity, a loving heart, and the fire of authentic self-expression. This Full Moon can bring you the freedom to let go of inhibitions and move more freely and joyfully in the world. These vibes bring the potential for inspired creativity, playfulness, focus, and connection.

At the same time, shadow expressions of Leo, or other ‘blind spots’, may be coming more fully into your awareness. Are you giving too much energy away to excess, vanity or self-indulgence? Are you being rigid in your expectations? How are anger or pride showing up for you?

A ‘Grand Cross’ alignment between the Full Moon and the Lunar Nodes triggers tension that can show up as powerful feelings of both longing and constraint; the seductive pull of the past versus the sweetness of the present moment; or a sense of panic fueled by perceptions of scarcity and competition. Our personal ‘work’ now is to find the way to alchemize this tension by bringing the four corners of the Grand Cross into harmonized expression.

This Full Moon represents renewed inspiration and motivation; the courage to take some leap of faith you’ve been fantasizing about. It also represents stepping up tp a new level of responsibility, commitment and self-discipline; and the calling to awaken to some unacknowledged truth.

This Full Moon represents a turning point in the evolutionary cycle that began with the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 5th, 2021. An exciting expansion of awareness, triggered by Jupiter’s sextile to Uranus, is inspiring a new sense of lightness, optimism, creativity and resourcefulness. A Grand Trine involving the Moon in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus and Venus and Mars in Capricorn peaks Thursday, February 17th, bringing support for decisive action.

The current lunar cycle began with an activation of Saturn and a calling to bring awareness to the discipline you have (or have not) been investing in your growth journey. This Full Moon is triggering an important development in your personal evolution, related to the progressions of Saturn in your individual astrology.

This ‘release’ point for this tension will involve a shift in perspective, aligned with Saturn’s calling for you in your personal journey.

In all of my one-on-one sessions, I don’t ever give a reading without talking about the ‘story’ of Saturn’s influence, and I simply can’t say enough about importance of understanding your relationship with Saturn energy as you navigate this Full Moon! Saturn rules the drum beat of our personal growth, our ‘hero’s journey’ in this lifetime. Saturn rules our process of maturing into who we were meant to be, into the fulfillment of our sacred dharma.

Saturn frustrates us and can (temporarily) set us back at times, but always for the purpose of teaching us a valuable, necessary lesson. This heavenly body challenges us to shift how we see the world around us, harness our gifts, and realize our strength. If you are interested in learning more about how astrology influences you, I strongly suggest finding out about your personal Saturn signature, and the influence of Saturn in Aquarius in your chart this year. We can explore this together in a private reading.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen many astrologers celebrating the fact that all planets are direct right now (which they are, until April 29th) but energetically speaking, we’re not yet out of the shadow of Venus and Mercury’s current introspective cycles, and therefore not quite into that period of expansion we may be so eager to embrace. Be sure that it’s coming, and the Pisces New Moon on March 2nd will be the time to celebrate the turning of the tides from inner to outer growth. In the meantime, this ‘threshold’ month of February is the time to align yourself before taking off. So, what lessons still need to be internalized?

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