Does My Life Have a ‘Calling’? – Using Astrology to Understand Life Purpose

What is my purpose? How can I feel more confident in my gifts? What’s the bigger picture? How can I feel a deeper sense of fulfillment in my day-to-day life? These are some of the most common questions I am asked in my practice as an astrologer. What never ceases to amaze me is how much we can use sacred stargazing to answer such profound spiritual questions.

Is it possible that there might be a way to ‘see’ into ourselves and understand who we are on a deeper level, including ‘hidden’ potential? Can we use astrology to help us navigate life according to our purpose? The answer, remarkably, is yes.

Each heavenly body in the natal chart gives a clue into your life’s purpose, isn’t that amazing?!

Your purpose is where you express your greatest gifts in a way that meets the worlds needs. It both challenges and inspires you, while ultimately bringing a deep sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. It feeds your soul. Yogic teachings call this your ‘dharma’ – which is a Sanskrit word that means ‘the truth of who you are’. Your purpose is your expression of your truth.

Astrology is a sacred practice for cultivating deeper self-awareness and this is the the key to self-mastery. The more you come to understand the truth of who you are, the more you will come to understand your purpose.

Your purpose, or dharma, is not a destination but rather how you live each day of your journey. It is the ongoing quest to align with your authentic nature.

Each heavenly body in your natal chart represents an archetypal element of your purpose;

Sun (The Inner Fire) – Your soul medicine; what you need to feel inspired and energized.

Moon (The Nurturer) – Your heart medicine; what soothes and comforts you.

Mercury (The Storyteller) – Your gifts around communication and making decisions.

Venus (The Diplomat) – Your gifts and strengths in relationships and social situations.

Mars (The Warrior) – How you’re motivated to take action.

Jupiter (The Lucky Charm) – A natural gift! Something you have in abundance.

Saturn (The Disciplinarian) – A challenge you are here to conquer in order to realize one of your greatest gifts.

Chiron (The Wounded Healer) – A strength others recognize in you, often more than you appreciate in yourself.

Uranus (The Renegade) – Your needs for freedom; also describes your intellectual capacity.

Neptune (The Dreamer) – The nature of your inner heart; your ideals.

Pluto (The Transformer) – The deepest desires of the soul; where you express yourself with great power.

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