Archetypal Themes of the Pisces New Moon – March 2022

Pisces: The Dreamer

In your natal chart, Pisces energy indicates where you are the most generous and self-sacrificing. It describes your ideals, as well as the ways you tend to ‘escape’ reality.

This New Moon conjunct Jupiter in Pisces represents a turning point in the astrology of 2022. This energy can bring an outpouring of divine inspiration and the experience of profound healing. You’re being invited to re-awaken to your mystical relationship with nature, your ancestors and all living beings. There is also a calling for courage – the resolve to meet uncertainty with a sense of faith, resilience and acceptance.

Pisces rules your experience of spirituality and the quest for deeper meaning. It rules the realm of the unconscious, where insight may appear in the form of visions or dreams.

Pisces rules the secret recesses of the psyche – your ‘shadow self’. This is the realm of powerful emotions that may never have been put into words. Pisces also represents emotions and memories stored in your body or passed generationally in your DNA.

Over the next 4 weeks, you will have a powerful opportunity to clear unconscious fears and other blocks through shadow-work.

Sacred (R)evolution

We are finally free of this winter’s Venus and Mercury post-retrograde shadows (wahoo!) and this shift can bring a new sense of freedom, expansion and possibility. As we move through this turning point in 2022’s astrology, you are also beginning a new chapter in your personal growth journey. The New Moon conjunct Jupiter and sextile Uranus calls you to embrace new ways of being.

This New Moon represents a moment of renewal and a calling to align actions with intentions. What is your vision for the future? How will you embody your ideals as you move forward?

We are living in a time of epic transformation. More and more, we’re experiencing the ripple effects of a mass awakening occuring in the collective. Evolution. Revolution. Shifts in power. Death. Rebirth. This New Moon’s trine/sextile aspect to the Lunar Nodes asks you to acknowledge the necessity of change and all that comes with it – including discomfort, uncertainty, and sacrifice. It asks you to consider the role you are choosing to play in the unfolding.

The coming month brings the Spring Equinox and the Spring Eclipse Season will begin around the Virgo Full Moon. The sacred fires of change are being ignited.

You may be asked to step up to a new level of responsibility or make a sacrifice for the greater good. Mercury conjunct Saturn calls for discernment, courage and consistency in your words and actions. Pluto’s alignment with Venus and Mars calls for an examination of your personal ethics.

Purification of the Heart

Mystical Pisces exists almost purely on the level of emotion and intuition. This energy brings awareness to our collective oneness and can open you to a deeper sense of love and compassion for all humankind.

Pisces is the sign of Agape and Bhakti – the highest and purest forms of love. This is not the love of any particular object, but rather an unconditional love of all humanity, or more simply, the love of love itself. It’s expressed through prayer and empathy – literally feeling with others in their joy and suffering. This is also the energy of radical acceptance. It gives generously from the heart and derives bliss from acts of selflessness.

Pisces also rules compassion and tolerance. Over the next 4 weeks will be called to soften judgement and accept imperfection in yourself and others.

New Moon Journal/Meditation Prompt

What needs to shift for you to experience greater trust in the flow of life?

Ask the cosmos for support in eliminating these obstacles.

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