Lunar Cycle Reflections – March 6th, 2022

Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, A. Adamo et al.

This is an image of two galaxies colliding, about 230 million light-years away in the constellation Hercules. The collision is slow and gradual. Beautiful and chaotic. Eventually, the end result will be a new, merged galaxy; newfound stability. I’ve been reflecting on this image and thinking about the mass awakening happening on our planet, and the ripple effects it is having around the world. Old structures crumbling. Uncertainty. Chaos. A mass upheaval of compassion and community. Outreach. Broken hearts around the world being extended in solidarity.

This month’s lunar cycle, marked by the New Moon in Pisces and an activation of Jupiter as he makes his steady approach to Neptune (reaching its peak in April), asks you to be open to what is awakening in your own heart. A profound sense of compassion opens the door for spiritual awakening. Mothers outraged; the realization that our evolution must coincide with the decision to put love at the center of our orbit, rather than greed and competition. Through these movements, the divine feminine is slowly rising once again. For now, the struggle continues, like these galaxies colliding slowly.

We must look back to the epic astrological renewals that took place in 2020, when alignments of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter foretold the birth of a new world order. Powerful forces of destruction and creation guide us towards new ways of thinking, seeing ourselves and interacting with each other – the promise of the Aquarian paradigm.

Yesterday, the Sun made its annual conjunction to Jupiter in Pisces for the only time in the next 12 years. The Sun here illuminates the essence of your evolutionary journey of Jupiter in Pisces. Over the course of this year, Jupiter is asking you to claim something key to your spiritual growth – what is it?

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