The Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio: Jan 2022 – July 2023

The Lunar Nodes represent a key element of our soul’s growth journey. Their calling is especially strong around the time of the Eclipses. The study of the Lunar Nodes in astrology comes from the Vedic tradition.

The Lunar Nodes represent a polarity which we must learn to balance. It also represents the healing of karmic patterns that no longer serve our highest good.

Within the collective, North Node energy is calling us to rediscover certain perspectives, ideals, and values that may have been forgotten, or devalued, by modern society.


The Lunar Nodes are in Taurus and Scorpio from Jan 18, 2022 – July 17, 2023.

The Nodes progress ‘backwards’ through the zodiac so in 2023 they will progress into Aries and Libra.

North Node in Taurus

While the North Node is in Taurus, you are being encouraged to ‘lean in’ to the following expressions. You may also need to overcome unconscious blocks that have been holding you back from allowing one or more of these experiences into your life.

  • Creating Greater Peace & Stability in your Life – moving away from toxic situations or relationships; setting boundaries that honor your physical and emotional needs.
  • Patience & Perseverance – the willingness work consistently towards your goals without expecting immediate reward or gratification.
  • Enjoying the Sweetness of Life – what brings a sense of simple joy into your heart? Taurus rules music, an appreciation of the arts, and your connection with nature. It rules friendship and sensuality. It even rules your love of food! Wherever you can, feed your heart and soul from the abundance of the now moment: the key is to keep is simple.
  • Softening the Heart – forgiving old grievances letting go of the urge to settle old scores allows a fresh new energy to come your way; learning to have faith in positive outcomes despite short-term setbacks; belief in new beginnings.
  • Spiritual Practice – grounding through self-care; cultivating healthy habits and routines; daily meditation, prayer, yoga or other practices for wellness; a deepened sense of gratitude and trust in the flow of life.

If your natal North Node is in Taurus, you are being called to explore the above expressions throughout your life’s journey. Although it may represent an uncomfortable leap, when you follow the path of your natal North Node, the universe brings you hidden gifts. This placement also represents your personal path to spiritual fulfillment.

The South Node in Scorpio

The South Node has a seductive pull and may even blind our objectivity in certain situations. This energy represents instinctive/automatic behaviors, beliefs and reactions, which may be cultural norms or traditions in our current society, but no longer serve the highest good of the collective.

The South Node highlights the excessive, outdated or low-vibration expressions of a particular sign which we are being called to consciously evolve. Remember that this is not meant to imply that any sign in the zodiac is good, or better than any other sign, or that any sign is bad.

While the South Node is in Scorpio, we must consider the potential negative, unproductive or even destructive effects of the following expressions:

  • Brooding on the Past – holding onto a sense of betrayal; the urge to settle an old score; preoccupation with someone else’s demise; the dark cloud of bitterness and rage; mutually assured destruction.
  • Cynicism lack of trust; expecting others to let you down; feeling disempowered in the here and now because someone has taken away your power in the past; a victim mindset; no hope for the future.
  • Taking Shortcuts – impatience; expecting immediate results after only minimal effort; cutting corners; seeking instant gratification; expecting others to ‘fix’ your problems.
  • Unhealthy Dynamics in Relationships – jumping in too quickly or seeking enmeshment; giving away too much to get what you want; being seduced by power or authority; using fear or manipulation to exploit others; overstepping boundaries; unfair expectations; using relationships as an escape from responsibility.
  • Anger at Yourself – the insufferable pain of regret; inability to forgive; living in the past; brooding over disappointment; hatefulness; self-sabotage or punishment.

If your natal South Node is in Scorpio, you are being called to heal the above expressions throughout your life’s journey.

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