Virgo Full Moon Reflections – March 18th, 2022

Virgo is the archetype of the fixer, the selfless servant and the perfectionist.

In your natal chart, Virgo energy describes where you naturally take on responsibility and seek to make yourself useful. It also describes where you are often very particular, with a desire for life to unfold in a certain way.

During this Virgo Full Moon, you are learning when it’s time to take action, when to relax, and when to trust. You may need to become more proactive in a certain area of your life.

Where do you need to bring more order, focus and intention?

On the other hand, you may need to release the urge to always be busy and ‘doing’ – these are imbalanced expressions of Virgo energy.

Notice the thoughts that arise in your most quiet moments. Is there a sense of gratitude and acceptance, or a narrative of doom and gloom? Perhaps there is a fear of judgment from others. As you navigate this month’s Full Moon, you’re being guided to soothe and heal your inner critic.

This super-charged lunar cycle, with Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury and the Sun all in Pisces, calls you to explore your relationship with faith.

Do you feel nurtured by the cosmos? Do you envision Spirit as a loving, supportive Mother Goddess, or a strict, punishing Father?

Are we worthy of unconditional love?

The Pisces season represents learning to feel and embrace all emotions, sorrow as well as joy, as a necessary part of the human experience. You may need to finally take action now on a calling you’ve been feeling deep in your gut. You may also need to turn towards certain emotions that you’ve been pushing away for too long. This Full Moon’s opposition to both Neptune and the Sun, indicates the need for honest introspection.

This is a time to soften your edges; allow there to be room for spontaneity and magic. You are co-creating with Spirit in everything you do.

Notice any urges towards rigidity or perfectionism. The Full Moon’s trine to Pluto may trigger an intense desire for control. You may need to acknowledge and practice compassion for the parts of you that feel fear or self-doubt.

This activation of Pluto, combined with an alignment of Venus and Mars in Aquarius, calls for a strong commitment to your core values. You may need to make a difficult choice or sacrifice for the greater good now.

With Venus and Mars square Uranus, combined with the Sun/Neptune alignment opposing the Full Moon, there is an opportunity to experience a sort of catharsis by letting your guard down – allowing your authentic self to be expressed, seen and celebrated.

As we explore the deeper layers of the Virgo and Pisces archetypes, we begin to uncover our unconscious conditioning around shame. Brené Brown, a world-renowned research professor and lecturer on human behavior describes shame as the belief that our imperfections make us unworthy of love and belonging.

Shame speaks to us through the voice of the inner critic, keeping us small, shy and reserved.

Brown’s work came into the world just as Neptune was entering Pisces 12 years ago. Her teachings have awakened us to the realities of how shame has been operating for generations. It’s cast light on the need for collective healing of shame (imbalanced Virgo) through shadow-work and empathy (exalted Pisces). Throughout Neptune’s transit in Pisces, we’re being called to explore the difficult emotions we tend to avoid and cultivate a deeper sense of compassion.

This Virgo Full Moon asks you to consider;

  • Can I take steps to forgive myself for whatever I have not done perfectly in the past?
  • Can I find a way to reflect on my life’s journey with love and acceptance?
  • Can I allow myself to be in a process of growth and learning?

In the body Virgo energy rules digestion – your ability to fully sit with, process and acknowledge the truth of your situation. The journey of the Virgo archetype takes us to a place of deeper acceptance of ourselves and our circumstances. What experiences or emotions do you need to ‘digest’ now in order to take the right action going forward?

For some, this Full Moon, which initiates an activation of the Spring Eclipse season, will represent taking a leap of faith. The Lunar Nodes are also being activated now which calls for careful attention and balancing of your natal Taurus and Scorpio energies. This will involve shifting your mindset away from fear and scarcity.

As we move through the next 3 months, consider where you being called to take a ‘risk’ to pursue your soul’s calling. What may be naturally falling away, or what other changes do you need to more fully allow and ‘digest’?

There are times when you cannot avoid loss and change but what ultimately comes to pass may still turn out far better than you expect. Can you hold space for optimism and curiosity as you face the unknown?

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