Reflections on the Waning Quarter Moon in Capricorn Reflections – 3.26.22

We’re in the final quarter of the lunar cycle and yesterday’s Waning Quarter Moon in Capricorn marked the ‘turning point’, or initiation into this phase. This is a time for letting go of all that does not ‘fit’ or isn’t working – to ultimately make space for transformation, new understanding & new beginnings, the seeds of which will be planted with the Aries New Moon next week.

This turning point is about letting go of what you think you need. The shift can be internal and involve a reframing of your perception.

Since the release point is in Capricorn, it also looks back to the recent Venus Retrograde season from Dec-Feb.

The activation in Capricorn can point to authority figures, ambitions and the desire for certain accomplishments, how you’re seen in the public domain, as well as relationships between parents and children. This passage can also bring a disillusionment of some kind, but one that will serve as the catalyst for a better way of thinking.

Capricorn is a strong energy for me (my Mars is there) so yesterday I was ‘in it’ and not ready to write about my reflections. I did feel a shift, and for me this time it was subtle – although this passage has the potential to be quite dramatic depending on what is up for release in each of our own journeys.

You may want to take a moment to honor what is wanting to fall away now. For some of us, this may be a welcome change that feels like breath of fresh air. For others, there can be tension and resistance, fear and uncertainty, grief and sadness. The square energy of the waning quarter can bring uncomfortable awakenings.

Honoring what is ‘up’ in our own personal journey is a love language.

Ultimately this lunar cycle has been about opening more fully to your intuitive guides, softening and trusting in the flow of life even when it is bringing you to the threshold of the unknown, or the terrifying.

It’s been about letting go of the need for control and what you thought the outcome should be; softening expectations so that you can truly enter the dance of co-creation with spirit. A willingness to surrender into a chapter of uncertainty.

It’s also been about getting clear on how you need feed your soul? What shifts need to happen now to make space for these changes to take hold?

Finally, it’s about reframing your understanding of strength. What is the difference between masculine and feminine strength? On one hand we have sheer force and muscular power. On the other we have love, compassion, generosity, connection and kindness.

Pic is of a girl holding up the face of Capricorn, representing the purification of our relationship with this archetype.

All in love 🙏

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