Chiron in Aries: 2018-2027 – ‘The Hero Within’

The centaur object Chiron (formerly known as a dwarf planet) takes about 50 years to traverse the whole zodiac and is in Aries from 2018-2027. On both a physical and archetypal level, Chiron creates a link between the psyche’s conscious and unconscious elements, isn’t that amazing?!

Chiron travels in an ‘eccentric orbit’ that crosses the paths of both Saturn and Uranus. As the furthest planet visible to the human eye, Saturn represents the very edge of conscious awareness. Uranus, the first of the transpersonal planets, rules the subtle mind.

Chiron is the rainbow bridge between the structured or known self and the unknown, or unrealized, potential of the psyche.

The symbol for Chiron is a key and this describes its evolutionary function perfectly. Exploring the essence of Chiron opens the door to deep psychological healing. It also unlocks our ability to access hidden potential – the ‘gold’ in our unconscious shadow.

Chiron is associated with soul alchemy and the archetype of the Hero’s Journey

The Essence of Chiron Energy

Chiron represents the primal wound: a source of suffering that often traces back to early childhood but it may also be an echo from previous incarnations of the soul. This energy represents integrating the pain and wisdom of our most sensitive wounds so that we may come to share our greatest gifts with the world.

In the natal chart, Chiron represents where you struggle to fully accept yourself. It can be felt as feelings of shame, rejection and abandonment.

Although this signature tends to cause discouragement or heartache, it also has the potential to become your greatest source of strength, wisdom, connection and fulfillment if you are willing to confront the wound and do the inner work to alchemize it into its full power. This energy represents your epic healing journey; your personal hero story.

It also represents an extraordinary gift: it is the way you’re destined to shine – to inspire, enlighten, mentor, serve and heal others – beyond your own expectations.

Chiron in Aries

Chiron in Aries represents a deeply felt wound around the right to self-expression. Within the collective, we are being called to confront our most painful feelings of unworthiness, rejection and shame.

Chiron in Aries brings heaviness and doubt to our assertions of – ‘I am’, ‘I deserve’, ‘I need’ or even ‘I am not’. It challenges you to reflect deeply on the sources of self-doubt and go on a healing journey to transform them.

With Chiron energy you must go inward to understand the nature of your wounding with gentleness and compassion. This part of the journey may take you deep into your past, perhaps even into the forgotten memories of your childhood. This is not to rehash the pain of old traumas but to reclaim the part of yourself that was lost at the time the wound was inflicted. A mentor or a guide may be necessary at some point as you navigate this realm of the deep self.

The Chiron journey is one of courage, compassion, perseverance and redemption.

When Chiron is in Aries you are learning to trust in your strength. You are learning to believe in the power of your courageous heart. You are finding a newfound sense of freedom that comes from expressing yourself honestly, simply and unapologetically, and without needing to make anyone ‘less than’ in the process.

Aries represents masculinity and strength. You may feel an intense urge to ‘prove’ your might or power now in order to overcome insecurity but the paradox is that no amount of external validation will ever be enough – the healing can only come from within.

When Chiron is in Aries, you are being called to take a leap of faith in pursuit of what really lights you up. Claim your passions, your independence and your right to ‘be’.

You may also be called to lend your strength to others – committing to serve or fight for a cause greater than you. Compassionate service can result in a spontaneous healing of your own Chiron wound.

The Hero’s Journey

Exploring the archetype of the Hero’s Journey is a powerful way to work with Chiron energy. The Hero’s Journey is an exploration of the deep self in order to awaken a new level of maturity and inner knowing. Carl Jung described it as the psychological process of individuation.

This sacred initiation begins with a decision to change destructive life patterns. Supported by a mentor and other spiritual guides, the Hero then descends into the ‘underworld’, the realm of the unconscious self, and reconnects with her inner child. She becomes aware of her core wound and comes to realize how it has influenced the relationships in her life.

As she confronts her wounding on deeper levels, she cultivates a new level of compassion for herself. She comes to terms with her experience of mother and father and begins to understand her life story in a new way. The Hero then realizes her true power – she can become free of her past and write a new ending to her story.

The Hero’s Journey is a metaphor that describes the process of discovering who you really are and of healing in order to express that true self, authentically and unapologetically.

The Myth of Chiron

Chiron was a centaur; half man and half horse. His parents were Chronos (Saturn) and a water nymph named Phylira. Chiron was orphaned at birth – disregarded by his father and rejected by his mother in shame and disgust.

He was eventually adopted by Apollo, the Sun god, and his sister Artemis, Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt. Together, they nurtured and trained him in medicine, the healing arts, music, archery, astrology and prophecy. He went on to become a powerful shaman, healer and mentor to the children of the gods.

Chiron represents the union of masculine and feminine and our ability to heal from wounds passed down through our ancestral line.

Despite the pain of being abandoned by his parents Chiron was remarkably kind, gentle and peaceful. He was the only centaur who was not savagely violent like the rest of his kind. He united his animal and human sides, and found a way to evolve beyond destructive urges. Chiron even went on to become a nurturing and loving father to his daughter Thea, representing the healing of his ancestral line.

Chiron refused to be defined by his ‘origins’: his past or his birth.

Chiron was tragically shot with a poisoned arrow. He could no not fully heal his wound and he was not able to die. He came to be known as the Wounded Healer.

Chiron was known for his compassion, wisdom and generosity. He dedicated his life to others even though he himself suffered great pain. Chiron also empowered humanity by returning the gift of fire (power) which had been taken away by Zeus.

Meditation/Journal Prompts for Chiron in Aries

  1. If you could do anything now, without fear of failure, what would it be? Look deep within your heart and do not be afraid to name and claim whatever it is.
  2. What advice would you give to someone else who was struggling to call up the courage to pursue their highest calling? How can you apply this to your own journey as well?
  3. What is strength? Do you value the feminine expressions of strength (kindness, compassion, generosity, connection and patience) as much as the masculine? How can you bring the masculine and feminine into balance now in your life?
  4. Who in the world needs you to be strong and courageous now? What do you need to remember in order to hold them in your heart as you move forward?
  5. What actions will you take this month to courageously pursue your soul’s deepest calling?

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